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Modern Family makes a clean sweep at the 63rd Emmys


I’m Perch Perkins at the 63rd Emmy Awards! History was made last week as ABC’s Modern Family takes most all of the categories with AMC’s Mad Men the winner of the Best Drama category.

Here’s how it went to the wire while I watched the action:

Perch Perkins (at the Emmys): Emmy voters really, really liked ABC’s "Modern Family" on Sunday night. But Best Drama winner "Mad Men" could be forgiven for feeling a little jilted.

"Modern Family" nearly made it a clean sweep, picking up the award for Best Comedy, along with statues for its writing, directing, supporting actor and actress.

"We appreciate every single second of this," Co-creator Steve Levi tan assured the crowd.

So intense was voters’ love of "Family," that after one commercial break-point, show host and "Glee" star Jane Lynch quipped, "Welcome back to the ‘Modern Family’ awards." Less dominant was perpetual awards giant "Mad Men," which had to sweat it out until late in the evening to finally get on the board.

The swinging ’60s advertising drama picked up its fourth consecutive statue for Best Drama, but the AMC series didn’t earn any other awards.

The series fared less well than in previous years, seeing the night’s other big prizes go to competitors such as DirecTV’s "Friday Night Lights" and CBS’ "The Good Wife."

Not so, Masterpiece’s "Downtown Abbey." The sumptuously mounted program capped off a strong showing by winning the Best Movie or Mini-Series statue.

The English upstairs-downstairs drama won five awards total, holding off challenges from HBO’s "Too Big to Fail" and "Mildred Pierce."

"This evening it came right," creator Julian Fellowes said, noting the difficulty of predicting a hit.

In a major upset, Kyle Chandler beat out heavily favored Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire") and Jon Hamm ("Mad Men") to pick up a Best Actor Award for playing an inspirational coach on "Friday Night Lights."

Chandler admitted he did not expect to win and had not prepared a speech.

"Let me thank the people of Austin, Texas, who welcomed us into their homes … and brought the show to life," Chandler said.

Not as unexpected was Julianna Margulies’ Best Actress in a Drama Series victory, for playing the wronged political spouse in "The Good Wife."

Accepting the award, Margulies thanked the cast of the CBS drama, producers Tony and Ridley Scott, and her husband Keith Lieberthal.

"I’m so grateful you have no political aspirations," Margulies told Lieberthal.

Only a lack of nominations for "Modern Family" in the Leading Actor in a Comedy category could stave off a complete sweep by the ABC hit.

Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory") picked up his second Lead Actor statue, and Melissa McCarthy ("Mike & Molly") earned an award in the Lead Actress category.

"I’m sorry, I’m a crier," a visibly emotional McCarthy said.

"I’m from Plainville, Illinois, and I’m standing here and it’s kind of amazing," she added.


Before the Emmys, the Emmy voters chose Modern Family as the favorite to win. Looks like they chose wisely. This scores a big win for ABC as it continues to bring their newest shows and newest seasons as October approaches.

Gene: Disney’s The Lion King 3D earns another week as this feature heads back to the Disney Vault due to its limited release last week. 4 movies make their debut this week such as Sony’s Money ball in 2nd, Warner Bros. Dolphin Tale about a dolphin who gets help from wildlife experts after they discover that its fin is immobilized swims and dives in 3rd, Lions gate’s Abduction is kept under guard in 4th and Open Road Films Killer Elite is 5th which puts Warner Bros. other film Contagion in 6th while the other movies move one spot down.

With Lion King 3D leaving soon, who’ll take the #1 spot come October? Come back next week for the answer! For more new stuff, let’s head to the newsroom.

Good news Sesame Street fans! Realistic Fish head here. Season 42 premieres tomorrow with 26 new words on the street, new installments of your favorite segments, and best of all more fun of your favorite characters! Be sure to find out where the new season premieres on your local PBS station. It’s starting to get chilly as we say good bye to September and hello to October! This is Realistic Fish Head come October saying, bundle up for new excitement!


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SpongeBob’s not recommended for preschoolers

Hmm, SpongeBob unwatchable for preschoolers? I’m Realistic Fish Head with this strange but true story! According to a study by the University of Virginia and from the New York Times, preschoolers who watch the sponge lack of how SpongeBob and friends are ruining their thinking skills but their problem solving skills along with their memory and attention have improved. In short, the popular Nicktoon is fast paced but it has a negative effect on little kids. The end result, only preschoolers who watched 9 minutes of SpongeBob proved to be a big flop for our hero.

But our TV and movie critic Gene Scallop recommends that SpongeBob should be watched by young children and not for preschoolers. In other news, the mystery of the demise of 3D has been solved! Last time, we told you that movie audiences are saying that 3D is old news. Gene Scallop has the answers in this mystery!

Gene: This past summer, we brought the shocking news that 3D might be gone for good. We’ll, it’s a big dent now. Last summer’s 3D movies were a success but we found 4 possible explanations of why 3D is gone forever: First aside of the big slump, million dollar theater chains, the movie studios may be accused of destroying 3D but they’re saying no. The consumers might be the problem, or it could the filmmakers which were accidently caught off guard. We’ll have to wait until the next 3D movie can bring it back in business or in a worse case scenario, all four theories could be to blame for this mess. Now aside from the 3D biz…

Disney’s The Lion King, a true Disney classic in 3D, gets top honors saying 3D is still alive despite last summer’s big 3D drop. Speaking of big drops Contagion moves to 2nd while Drive debuts in 3rd. Disney’s other movie The Help drops 2 spots to 4th. Making its debut in 5th Sony’s Straw Dogs and also debuting in 6th is Weinstein’s “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. That means The Debt, Warrior, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Columbiana complete the top 10. Will Disney 3D sales help restore chances of the greatest innovation make a comeback come next summer? We’ll keep you posted on this situation movie fans!

Tonight is the 63rd Emmys! Watch on Fox to see whether your favorite celebrity receive Emmy gold this year.


Recapping our top story, the critics and researchers agree! SpongeBob is only watched by younger kids 6-11 years which means preschoolers can now focus on much improved learning and communication skills for our other preschool friends. This is Realistic Fish Head saying, see you at the Emmys tonight!

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New seasons mean new surprises for 2011 this fall

A brand new start for the toon and reality world. I’m Realistic Fish Head. As of Saturday, our toons and our friends start their new seasons this week as New Season Week starts off on a great one.

When we last left our previous newscast, the devious Dr. Blowhole had stolen Skipper’s memories of his past history. But when Alex, Skipper’s spiritual guide, helps him remember who he is, what he is, his mission really is, and most importantly, remembering his entire history.

With Skipper’s history restored, he springs into action to help his friends in order to defeat their arch nemesis with singing power, but also erase Blowhole’s memory as payback for stealing Skipper’s. With Skipper’s memories back, the world can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to Alex. Well done, Skipper!

Gene: Things were really cooking at last night’s Creative Emmys. HBO was the big winner with 15 wins including an HBO original series. Survivor’s Jeff Probst won a Creative Emmy for his Survivor series. In the E-world Justin Timberlake was the most popular celebrity, and in the toon world, Futurama continues its trek toward futuristic surprises along with lots of comedy and intrigue. Here’s some more good news, Paramount Vantage has set an October 19, 2012 date for the premiere of Twylight Zones just off the Toronto International Film Festival. Now, let’s go to the Box Office!

Contagion, the newest Warner Bros. hit matches its total gross with 23,135 million smackers hitting #1 this week after Disney’s The Help stayed 5 weeks at the top spot. It’s currently 2nd. Lions gate’s Warrior debuts in 3rd while The Debt places 4th and Columbiana takes 5th. How will Contagion be contagious for how long? Stay put for major changes!

As we salute the ones we lost 10 years ago on 9/11, we at Bikini Bottom News know as of now our wonderful city is safer and as for all of you folks in your neck of the woods, we’ll make sure that our nation is safe as long as we defend our freedom! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, Happy Patriot Day!

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Phineas and Ferb get a new season a TV Movie and a pilot episode as a special treat

The boys of summer hit the jackpot! I’m Realistic Fish Head.

As we toast ourselves this week as the last week of summer thanks to our long lasting summer coverage, Phineas and Ferb and the entire gang are getting the triple treatment. Perch Perkins reports.

Perch Perkins (via Hollywood Deadline): Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, co-creators of Disney Channel’s flagship animated series Phineas and Ferb, have signed separate exclusive, multi-year, multimillion-dollar deals with Disney Television Animation. Under the pacts, the two will continue on the Emmy-winning series they created and executive produce for another season. Also as part of the deals, Povenmire and Marsh are now officially attached to the Phineas and Ferb feature being developed at Disney. The two are already working on the script. Additionally, the deals include a new pilot, likely a Phineas and Ferb spinoff, and other future development for Povenmire and Marsh, who also have a piece of the franchise’s merchandising profits.

The pacts come on the heels of the Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension TV movie drawing 7.6 million viewers in its debut this month to become the most-watched cable movie of the year and the third-highest-rated movie in Disney Channel history. After putting an emphasis on live-action programming for a while, Disney has renewed its focus on TV animation, which will result in the doubling of the number of animated episodes on Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior in 2012 versus 2010. A main part of Disney TV Animation’s strategy has been concentrating on “creator-driven” series. Its first success in that direction was Povenmire and Marsh’s mega hit Phineas and Ferb, which was followed by Noah Z. Jones’ Fish Hooks and others. Povenmire is with WME, Marsh with Natural Talent.


Gene: Disney’s The Help chalks up another win at the box office this week staying in 1st with 14.2 million dollars along with 119 million overall. Next, we go into The Debt which is in 2nd. Apollo 18 the scary but true story about mysterious happenings going on the moon lands in 3rd. and look out Jaws! Shark Night 3D may lure anyone that swims to their doom as the these underwater swimmers attack in 4th. As for the Apes still in 5th, it seems they’ve met their match! Well moviegoers, we’re in September as we speak. What surprises await us this month as we highlight one of our brand new competitive movies will please us this month? Wait and see!

Phineas and Ferb Season 4 is one of the highlights of the fall. What new toon is next in line for more? Find out next time. This is Realistic Fish Head saying as of Monday, Happy Labor Day!


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