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New Fanboy and Chum Chum this week

Our candy theme superheroes get new episodes! I’m Realistic Fish Head. Fan boy and Chum Chum are ready for the new surprises ahead since its premiere months ago. How will our duo do this week? Watch these new episodes this week to find out!


Gene: Rio does it again! With the newest Madea movie by Tyler Perry debuting at #2, The flightless parrot continues to amaze moviegoers since it debuted in theaters last week. As for Disney’s African Cats the newest movie from its Disney Nature collection, many people are participating to save the Savanna. A most important task for all of us.


As we say Happy Easter for the Bikini Bottom Newsroom, be sure to lookout for for only Fan boy and Chum Chum but new episodes of Brain Surge. Until next time this is Realistic Fish Head saying, Happy Easter!


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Disney’s Jake and the Never land Pirates struck gold!

The Peter Pan for preschoolers hits pay dirt! I’m Realistic Fish Head. While the Ben 10 marathon celebrated the past few adventures of the alien hero, Disney’s newest preschool show Jake and the Never land Pirates hits a ratings record! Plus, a flightless parrot swoops by avoiding and thwarting moviegoers by the evil influences of Scream 4. Gene Scallop has the goodies!


Gene: Welcome again movie fans to Gene Scallop’s entertainment report. In TV ratings news, Jack and his Never land buddies hit new highs last week not just for preschoolers but for young viewers too. With over a thousand viewers watching, it’s the top show and the second best airing out of the top 3 preschool shows since the it aired as well as the block itself. Turning to the box office, Rio, the blue flightless parrot takes the top spot avoiding Scream 4 to take the #1 spot putting it in 2nd. That puts Hop in 3rd which prompted Rio to rack up the goodies since it premiered in theaters this week.


It hasn’t been a pretty month so far in movie world. But don’t worry movie fans, once we get through this month and May, the summer season will pick up steam.


With Easter coming next week, the Easter bunny will deliver what may be the Achilles’ heel for all of our toon friends next time. This is Realistic Fish Head notifying you that Easter is coming!

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This summer, SpongeBob goes back in time!

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy revisited! I’m Realistic Fish Head. This just in from the upcoming summer schedule, SpongeBob knows that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are his great heroes, but what happens when he turns back the clock to see his favorite heroes younger? Well this DVD answers this question as the younger versions of Bikini Bottom’s greatest heroes are voiced from the 60’s TV hit Batman Adam West and Burt Ward. This super DVD contains the episode “Back to the Past” along with 7 episodes from season 8. And as a super bonus feature to SpongeBob’s Heroes of Bikini Bottom, Nick’s newest Nicktoon TUFF Puppy is another example of a battle between good and evil! It’s a great addition and it fits very well to this DVD.


Remember Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fans as well as Spongebob fans, on June 14, make sure you add this DVD to your collection soon as well as the upcoming 2 volume season 7 box set also coming soon!


Gene: Universal’s Hop stays at #1 this week after an unexpected surprising first week. Next, Warner Bros. medieval movie Arthur retells the story of the legend of King Arthur. Hanna keeps on fighting at 3rd place, while Soul Surfer surfs in 4th and Universal’s Your Highness in 5th keeps laughing for all audiences. All four movies knock off Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rod rick Rules to 9th place and Sucker Punch in 12th place. Will Hop deliver more goodies between now and Easter?


We’ll bring you the goodies all week long until the Easter bunny approaches. Until then, this is Realistic Fish Head saying, keep an eye out for the Easter bunny!

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SpongeBob beats the odds again!

Our hero gets blimp #10! I’m Realistic Fish Head. During the past few weeks, there was a matchup of epic per portions as SpongeBob was up against The Penguins of Madagascar. While our hero received his 9th win, the Penguins got the award for Best Burp. As expected, our hero had the advantage thanks to a  number of wide predictions. And last night, those predictions came to be as our hero of Bikini Bottom defied the odds with his 10th win thanks to an upcoming season and an upcoming 200-episode milestone.

But the Penguins didn’t come home empty handed. According to entertainment reporter Gene Scallop, a Penguins of Madagascar movie is in the works, and he has the latest!


Gene: Congrats to SpongeBob for his win last night. Seems that the win made it jump right back in the game! And as Fish Head pointed out, Season 9 might come in handy for him and for his friends. Now for the even better news, the Penguins are getting their spinoff movie thanks to DreamWorks since it released its movie schedule. The movie itself compiled with the TV series is the all important move for the Penguins depending on whether the series will end. Second only to the more popular SpongeBob, they’ll need to increase their popularity in order for the show to stay alive. The details are a tad sketchy, but we’ll have to wait for the big moment for this operation to get underway.


The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Rod rick knocks out Sucker Punch for the top movie on the box office. As for Hop, the newest film from Universal, it’s nowhere to be found on the list this week. As for the others, Rango passes Just Go For It on the 100 million dollar mark. It could be the next top grossing movie this year if it keeps it up.


Sponge mania continues all around the world as SpongeBob continues to dominate at the KCA’s as his popularity continues to make an important impact for TV viewers. This is Realistic Fish Head saying see you next year at the KCA’s!

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