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Summer is here and still jam packed

Today is the first day of summer and I have some good news for you! To start off, I’m ready to start my HBO art collection (Chowder included) plus with the addition of him, Panini, and Jelly Cabin, I’ll come up with some ideas in no time!


There’s more! In addition to the collection, I’ll take some DVD pictures to update my previous images to look a lot more like the ones on HBO. And for shopping, I’ll still update on what I bought just for me, but there’s a twist. In case an shopping item’s running low in stores, the Web is the best way to shop for items while at home. Hope you like it!


Bottom line, I like the new plans for summer but the most important thing is shopping on the Web is more easier instead of going out.


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HBO retro project finished. Next up, the real thing.

Monday, I’ve finally finished up my HBO retro project. Thanks to TV Ark’s history about HBO, sounds like I’m part of the big boys now. While looking at the big TV downstairs after my artwork was finished, I was channel surfing on every HBO channel (including HBO HD), to find out if I got the exact templates right while I was looking at the promos before they show its see-through design.


For the new project (starting June 21st and moving forward), I’ll use last year’s art to match the exact design that all HBO channels have. To top it off, I’ll take some more DVD screen shots of my favorite characters that I’ve have since November and use the new project for my art collection. It’ll be done in no time flat!  


In the near future, I’ll take some new DVD pictures from some of the VHS footage I had since the big move from Pasadena and Texas. (that’s footage from the VCR). You’ll know if I take a picture off a DVD, you’ll realize someone familiar!

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New pajamas for a trip to Sleepyville

Thursday I’ve just bought 3 pairs of pajamas for bedtime. These pajamas include: Xbox pajamas (the video game system), Pillsbury pajamas (the Pillsbury Doughboy), and Guiness pajamas (Guiness draught). The reason I chose these pajamas is because I’m a advertising fan. Are you?


By the next shopping weekend, I think things will improve dramatically and very exiting than this week’s shopping expedition.

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New Chowder this Thursday

June is off to a great start for TV viewers this week. First off, Nick has 5 brand new Sponge Bob episodes. Also 5 episodes of the Mighty B as part of Nick’s Jam Packed June. I think it’s good thing that both toons are doing well so far.



But the best part of this week is a brand new Chowder this Thursday. Remember how Cartoon Network surprised all TV viewers ( including me ) after the end of Season 1? It turns out that we may see the remaining episodes that were supposed to air last month because the staff was working very hard to make the last episodes from Season 1. Boy, that took longer than originally thought!


Now that it’s over, it looks like Chowder is back on track as we speak. This is going to be a jam packed month for all toons for the summer of 2008!

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HBO Summer art project underway

The fun has just begun. Yesterday, I’ve just finished my HBO retro movie / end card project with Jelly Cabin, Panini and Chowder along with a few familiar faces to catch up the big boys. The last time I continued my retro art project was when HBO turned 35. I was surprised that really happened. During the big birthday, I was watching videos of HBO in the past and I thought to myself: What if I managed to keep up with its entire history and wait for the next birthday bash? So I did.



Weeks of a lot of research on it was going to be tough, but I went through it carefully by searching images, videos, even the Web to find out what HBO did in the past and what are they’re doing now. I was on a roll when I recently looked at a closing logo encyclopedia Friday when I discovered a ton of info with lots of videos (recent You tube videos) at my disposal.


So starting Monday, I’ll come up with some print ads as part of my summer project. And on next week since I’m done with my retro HBO end cards, I’ll start with my own HBOnly templates that I made weeks ago with the names I wrote on a Word Pad template so I can use them as my next task. And I’ll be finally done with my retro project before you know it!

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