SpongeBob’s not recommended for preschoolers

Hmm, SpongeBob unwatchable for preschoolers? I’m Realistic Fish Head with this strange but true story! According to a study by the University of Virginia and from the New York Times, preschoolers who watch the sponge lack of how SpongeBob and friends are ruining their thinking skills but their problem solving skills along with their memory and attention have improved. In short, the popular Nicktoon is fast paced but it has a negative effect on little kids. The end result, only preschoolers who watched 9 minutes of SpongeBob proved to be a big flop for our hero.

But our TV and movie critic Gene Scallop recommends that SpongeBob should be watched by young children and not for preschoolers. In other news, the mystery of the demise of 3D has been solved! Last time, we told you that movie audiences are saying that 3D is old news. Gene Scallop has the answers in this mystery!

Gene: This past summer, we brought the shocking news that 3D might be gone for good. We’ll, it’s a big dent now. Last summer’s 3D movies were a success but we found 4 possible explanations of why 3D is gone forever: First aside of the big slump, million dollar theater chains, the movie studios may be accused of destroying 3D but they’re saying no. The consumers might be the problem, or it could the filmmakers which were accidently caught off guard. We’ll have to wait until the next 3D movie can bring it back in business or in a worse case scenario, all four theories could be to blame for this mess. Now aside from the 3D biz…

Disney’s The Lion King, a true Disney classic in 3D, gets top honors saying 3D is still alive despite last summer’s big 3D drop. Speaking of big drops Contagion moves to 2nd while Drive debuts in 3rd. Disney’s other movie The Help drops 2 spots to 4th. Making its debut in 5th Sony’s Straw Dogs and also debuting in 6th is Weinstein’s “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. That means The Debt, Warrior, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Columbiana complete the top 10. Will Disney 3D sales help restore chances of the greatest innovation make a comeback come next summer? We’ll keep you posted on this situation movie fans!

Tonight is the 63rd Emmys! Watch on Fox to see whether your favorite celebrity receive Emmy gold this year.


Recapping our top story, the critics and researchers agree! SpongeBob is only watched by younger kids 6-11 years which means preschoolers can now focus on much improved learning and communication skills for our other preschool friends. This is Realistic Fish Head saying, see you at the Emmys tonight!

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