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Chowder and Flapjack back to back

Weeks ago, you thought Chowder the only cartoon on the Thursday night block. Well he’s not alone! The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (which premiered in June) has much more fun, excitement, action, and more importantly, adventure!


Now that both Flapjack and Chowder have adventures of their own, I think we’ll see some surprises and more episodes in the near future. I know I will!


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Chalk up another Strike rider

Despite the storm coming we managed to beat it… by going shopping! Not only we were looking for a little furniture and more clothing, we were grocery shopping! On the way I stumbled on to another Strike Rider, this time it was black. Just another addition to my Beast Master Megazord. It would be a matter of time until I found it.


With that cycle in my hands, I may find the Elephant, Jaguar, and Shark Striker cycles one at a time for future toy searching so I can interchange arms to make Strike Rider combinations for the Beast Master Megazord.


And speaking of Megazords, the screen shot stats for the Jungle Master Megazord came out when we came home. When I took a close look I knew that the images looked familiar on the TV show. That’s why I’m getting this either via shopping on the Web or shopping retail style!

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Summer Midway point

We reached the midway point of Summer 2008. First when I got up in bed, I saw the newest Chowder on the tube as part of its Independence Day marathon. And speaking of new episodes, Nick’s Sizzling Summer is underway. Starting this week, new episodes such as Fairly Odd Parents and the Mighty B are airing 5 new episodes part of Nick’s 5 at 5. Every Friday of the week, users pick the Nicktoon that comes on all hour long.


During my image search on the Web, I found tons of images and saved them in my favorite image album plus, I found some more info on HBO’s current info on the closing logo encyclopedia including their home video arm just in time for some additions to my HBO art collection. Today, I’m doing work on HBO’s other channels as the upgrade continues. Depending on the recent pictures I have so far, I’ll have more time to wait until the next Nicktoon DVD comes out really soon.

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2 more DVD’s worth looking at

Yesterday at Best Buy, I bought 2 DVD’s: one I saw on TV, and one that was on video since 1988. Remember Sonic Underground? I loved that show! And judging by the mini box set, I think that show lasted about two seasons. Hey, I wore my Sonic the Hedgehog costume when I was 12 years old. You know I like chili dogs and so does Sonic.


Next, a favorite movie I liked since I was 4, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It used to be on video but years later, it’s on DVD ever since 2004. I always want to relive the moments from that movie. Did you know that last March 2007, I saw it on TV that one time. Now, I want to relive it all over again because the real meaning of this movie is: all toons always belong in their world and also in the real world. This applies to all current cartoons we watch today on TV, on DVD, and online.


In the coming months of 2008 and going forward, some toons like Chowder, Flapjack, CatScratch, Danny Phantom, the Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron may be on DVD as complete box sets with Sponge Bob as an exception.

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