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Some closing moments from Spring TV season 2010

We had some good times and bad times this TV season in the reality and live-action world. Last week, the creator of Law & Order said the show could be revived. NBC along with other TV critics have denied that rumor and as expected, Law & Order does get the ax after all which means Law and Order L.A. is expected to join the other Law & Order spinoff shows starting next spring.


Law & Order may have been put off life support, but the TV critics have promised more episodes of your favorite shows in the fall this September.


Turning to toon news, Cartoon Network unveiled its new look yesterday morning. The new graphics very reminiscing of the previous CN brands dating back to the late 90’s have symbolized how CN has been working very continually to show viewers of how the network has changed since then. How long will the new look last, and how will viewers say about Cartoon Network’s new graphics package?


And speaking of new looks, Look for the new ICarly movie “I Psycho” this Friday!


That wraps up Spring TV season 2010. Look for award winning action this Memorial Day as we honor our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as they continue to fight for freedom to keep our nation safe. Until then, bring on Summer TV season 2010!


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Season finale week- Week 3 The perfect ending to Spring TV Season 2010

Breaking news from the judicial front! The original Law & Order which recently got the ax from NBC last week has been put under repairs! According to the Law & Order creator, the show could  possibly be revived.


But on the bright side, NBC along with CBS, Fox, ABC, and the CW are preparing to reveal their fall TV packages starting in September as viewers prepare to enjoy their summer TV packages from them next month.


If one of True Jackson friends saved them from being trapped in a  big mansion in Paris, then check out the newest iCarly TV movie “I Psycho”. After a big birthday turns into a downer, a girl turns insane after she traps Carly, Freddie, and Sam in a locked up recording studio. Now with the three of them trapped, can one of their friends set them free? Find out this week!


With only the last few weeks in the school year for seniors in high schools nationwide, they’ll graduate with ease. And with that, we close Spring TV season 2010 on a high note!

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Season finale week- Week 2 plus True Jackson gets trapped in the city of love!

Season finale week continues as many of your favorite shows continue to entertain viewers as their seasons get renewed for the 2010-2011 TV season. Some shows got canned just like the original Law & Order recently got the ax from NBC last week after 20 seasons of trials and tribulations from the city and from the court. But the good news is, all other Law & Order shows are still alive, and their newest addition Law & Order: L.A. is given the green light.


Meanwhile, Nick takes a trip to Paris as True Jackson and friends visit the city and it seems they’re having a good time…or so they thought. The gang gets trapped inside and one of them may not come back for help! Find out if they can escape in True Jackson: Trapped in Paris.


And set sail for adventure on Cartoon Network every Monday with Finn, Jake, and Flapjack with Adventure Time and Flapjack!


We still got a week to go in season finale week and the official start of Summer TV season 2010, so hang tight!

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2010 Season finale week plus the movie that kicked off the summer movie season

As our moms enjoy Mother’s Day, Spring TV season 2010 closes down this week as the exiting live-action world unleashes their shocking season finales. Will everything go well for live action fans and most importantly, will there be another season or will we say so long to our favorite shows like they did last spring?


Speaking of going away parties, Chowder’s final episodes were indeed full of action and lots of love. With Flapjack and Adventure Time left, will they follow Chowder’s path? Only history has the answer to this question! Meanwhile Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, the new and latest installment to Ben 10: Alien Force, finds Ben, Gwen, and Kevin as they continue their mission to save the planet.


And in movie news, Iron Man 2 which was released in theaters yesterday, kicked off the summer movie season. Critics say this movie isn’t like the original Iron Man, but movie goers say that the sequel does measure up!


Wake up and smell the flowers as May continues to brighten up our friends and pals nationwide!

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May, a most beautiful month for all toons

Here we are toon fans, the sweetest month of the year! As all mom’s prepare for Mother’s Day, some of our toon folks have mom’s too. Since May Day was yesterday, the toons brought out their A game as usual. And as they begin to bring out the sweetest things, let’s not forget the sweet and lovable Baby Poof. Ever since Cosmo was the last fairy baby born, Poof has very much improved his magic including his transformations. Now with his parents Cosmo and Wanda and Timmy as his god brother, Poof is now a very valued part of the toon world and in our world.


And what of our other sweet and lovable lamb Timmy? Well like  god brother Timmy, he’s got lots to learn about his friends, his new life, and most importantly his goals.


All month, keep a lookout for Mother’s Day marathons on the tube. So we can all show our cute and cuddly sweetness just like Poof and the brilliant, lovable lamb Timmy.