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My Memorial Day bash is a success!

It all started when we went to Target to buy a boombox. When I got to the DVD aisle, I looked for the best DVD I can find: Jet sons: The Movie (which came out back in 1990 as a videocassette before it was premastered). Plus in the book aisle, I found a Magic Tree House book titled “Eve of the Emperor Penguin” (which is my favorite animal). And before we got home we went to do a little grocery shopping. That was when I found the previous issue of Nick Magazine that I couldn’t find.


Now all that’s left of this big summer bash is to wait it out until July (that’s when Dad graduates when he finishes his online school work), which is why next month is graduation month for seniors once again this school year.


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Summer surprises for Summer 2009

The big moment is here! As we salute our fallen heroes, the entertainment world has tons of surprises!


Last week, Cartoon Network is preparing for a reality check 3 weeks from today with their new summer block CN Real. It you thought that was surprising, check out what they’ve planned since March 25th:


Returning series include Star Wars: Clone Wars, Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, The Secret Saturdays and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.



New Chowder and Flapjack episodes will come this summer. Ben 10: Evolutions will come in 2010. League of Super-Evil looks pretty cool, as does Adventure Time. Other returning series that have been announced previously: Marvel Superhero Squad, Bakugan, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, and Pokémon.


Now it seems that will happen after all. As for Nick, they also have plans for the summer. Check out what happened back on the 15th:


Nickelodeon has ordered 26 episodes of Kung Fu Panda: The Series, the network announced last week. The order comes on the heels of the recent successful launch of The Penguins of Madagascar on the network.
The DreamWorks comedy will be adapted from the 2008 animated film and chronicle the adventures of Po the martial arts panda and his mentor Shifu and the Furious Five.


Looks like another future Nicktoon Kung Fu Panda: The Series is joining along with the Penguins of Madagascar as another TV/Movie tie-in.



Get ready for more action, comedy, and of course toon antics and loads of fun as Summer 2009 is underway!

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Tomorrow’s the big one!

There’s only one day left until Memorial Day weekend. Since it started back on Friday, many retailers started their Memorial Day sales so shoppers can prepare themselves for a long summer this year.


As for me, I’m getting ready for my Memorial Day bash, so we can shop around every corner from every store we go to every weekend like we always do.


Like I said, there’s only 1 day left until Memorial Day weekend. As for the media, there also getting ready for their Memorial Day marathons. So everything’s all set from here. Once Memorial Day begins, so will Summer 2009!

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2 days until Summer 2009

There are only 2 days left until Memorial Day weekend.

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3 days until Summer 2009

There are only 3 days left until Memorial Day weekend.

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4 days until Summer 2009

There are only 4 days left until Memorial Day weekend.

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5 days until Summer 2009

There are only 5 days left until Memorial Day weekend.

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6 days until Summer 2009

There are only 6 days left until Memorial Day weekend.

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The countdown to Summer 2009

First we prepared you with summer movie season, then we prepped you for summer driving season, and now the big moment is almost here. Next Monday Memorial Day, Summer 2009 will be here before you know it!


Once we countdown to Memorial Day, here’s a preview of what we have in the small screen: For the first time in Cartoon Network’s history, the network will get a taste of the real world. The new block CN Real will test viewers to see if the block can compete against other networks such as MTV, VH-1, and other networks excluding the basic cable networks.


As for the other side of the world, Cartoon Network will still air new episodes such as Flapjack and Chowder, plus some new shows for this summer but remember, the excitement won’t happen until Memorial Day.


So this week will be counting down until Memorial Day so be prepared!

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Summer driving season ‘09

With summer approaching, many drivers are planning to drive to their destinations this year while some of them are planning to stay home probably due high gas prices and the economy. Just yesterday, a poll was conducted on the upcoming driving season, and won’t believe the results!


The number of vacationing Americans will be down this summer, according to a new AP-Gfk Poll, and a third of Americans surveyed said they have already canceled at least one trip this year because of financial concerns.

Overall, the survey found only 42 percent of Americans plan a leisure trip this summer, down from the 49 percent who said they planned to take a summer trip in an AP-Ipsos poll conducted in May 2005.


Despite the analysis, many Americans are taking a chance of driving around to their destinations for the summer. As for me, I’m taking it easy this summer. And as for driving, we’re also taking it easy on that too because we always shop every weekend rain or shine.

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