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Big news for toons and awards season

The big moment for Hollywood is here! I’m Realistic Fish Head. The 2011 Oscars is here tonight but first, there’s new news concerning DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda in another big scuffle as the movie is in trouble again. But it’s still going on despite the legal fight. Meanwhile, Shout Factory is releasing all Transformer shows in retailers this week. Also, Disney and Pixar’s “Cars” racks up millions as they wait and see what happens in the sequel how much it’ll make this time. Plus, they’re releasing the next film “Planes” scheduled to come out next year as well the return of the Toy Story cast in their next collection of short films.


With the Oscars fast approaching tonight, the box office is taking a break for this year’s Oscars. Perch Perkins will deliver the surprising news and results on our next newscast. Until next time, this is Realistic Fish Head saying good luck to all of our favorite movies!


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Phineas and Ferb earn another season

The boys of summer earned a new season! I’m Realistic Fish Head. After premiering an 15 minute talk show, Phineas and Ferb continue their trek on new adventures. The news was great for all Phineas and Ferb fans. Elsewhere, new SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer toy lines to promote their episodes this year have been released.


With this years Grammy’s of of the way, it’s time the 2011 Oscars made a statement. In our last newscast, we highlighted DreamWorks Dragons and Toy Story 3. Should these 2 box office hits be snubbed, other box office competitors could take the Oscar.


What’s going on the box office after Valentine’s Day Gene?


Gene: Sony’s Just Go For It which took the top spot places 4th as Warner Bros. Unknown takes #1 followed by I Am Number four in 2nd. Gnomeo and Juliet stays in 3rd place, and Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son takes 5th as it makes it on the list this week As for the Justin Bieber movie, which took 2nd, falls 2 more spots putting it in 6th.


Phineas and Ferb continue their journey this spring while this year’s SpongeBob and Dora toys make kids enjoy more fun as ever. Speaking of fun, such toys Care Bears and Transformers make the list of toys of the 80’s, 90’s and today as well as Furby, Zhu Zhu Pets, and Buzz Lightyear. This is Realistic Fish Head saying, bring on today’s toys!

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Crush Week brings in love for all toons

The love train continues! I’m Realistic Fish Head. With today as the last day in Crush Week, our friends have found their true love interests. Here’s how it broke down in the last few hours.


As Sheen continues to teach this citizens of Zeenu how love works back in RetroVille, Squid ward begins to use dating lessons thanks to SpongeBob’s help. Snap Trap falls in love with Dudley mom which leaves Dudley himself concerned. But thanks to that inspiration, he joins TUFF along with Kitty, Dudley, and the others. There’s big trouble when Private falls in love with the zoo nurse which leaves Kowalski, Rico, and Skipper invulnerable while completing every mission. With bad luck hitting them, Private realizes that doing important missions is much more important than falling in love. And in Fairy World, during a play at Spellentary School. Poof saves it from an evil monster and receiving a kiss from Goldie Golden glow as the play ends.


With the live action left, Gene Scallop gives his own review of Crush Week.


Gene: These Crush Week’s from the past 3 decades have ended in love or rejection. Now this year, it worked! SpongeBob’s dating lessons helped Squid ward to find the perfect girl. Snap Trap’s crush on Peg really helped him have a change of heart when he leaves DOOM and gets recruited in TUFF as a true Valentine’s Day present. But the true Valentine’s Day present belonged to Poof. As Foop played the lead role in the play “Mr. Cookie’s Day”, but in the revised story. With Poof stuck in Jupiter, he brings back the actor along with the monster to the play to improve the story. With the monster vanquished, Goldie rewards Poof with a kiss, the sweetest kiss since Gary and Snellie fell in love. This week’s Crush Week is even better and much more improved than the previous Crush Week marathons in Nick History.


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow toon fans! Crush Week concludes with encores of ICarly and Big Time Rush. And tomorrow also continues the way for preschoolers as Disney Junior debuts! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The power of the samurai arrives this week

A new team prepares to fight evil! I’m Realistic Fish Head. From Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to The Penguins of Madagascar, the honorable team of Power Rangers Samurai arrives Monday night. Fans have waited days and weeks for the excitement to arrive. Now with one day remaining, the wait may finally be over! You may remember from our previous newscast that the newest addition of the Power Rangers series is the first since Disney bought them 6 years ago. Now with Saban back in business, it will continue where the other Power Rangers series left off.


Gene Scallop says there’s a new neighbor in the box office!


Gene: That’s right! Sony’s The Roommate takes the top spot this week as it puts The Sanctum in 2nd. The Green Hornet, The King’s Speech and No Strings Attached each drop down one spot on the list, while The Rite moves to 6th. In DVD News, Pokémon Season 1 arrives this week in local retailers, a very promising start after being on video years ago. Look for other Pokémon sagas on DVD coming soon. And from the surprising news department, Sony’s planning a movie starring your favorite Pokémon! As of last week, only 3 Pokémon have been selected to use actual voices with your favorite movie actors. With the team up of the Disney Princesses, the movie will be in 3D and in theaters very soon. But don’t worry movie fans, the news will get better in the weeks and months ahead.


Go Samurai! Get ready Power Rangers fans, Power Rangers Samurai will premiere on Nick tomorrow night. And just in case you miss each new episode, Nicktoons Network will air recaps on weekends to get you caught up! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, Power Rangers Samurai forever!

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