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The Treasure of the Golden Squirrel-King Julien is pure of heart

King Julien’s true desire is friendship. I’m Realistic Fish Head. In our last newscast, the golden squirrel’s treasure had put the lemurs, rats, and the penguins at risk of who gets the treasure. In a surprising story, King Julien was chosen from the rest of the group because he was “pure of heart”.


To find out how the king of the lemurs managed to receive the golden treasure, our reporter Perch Perkins sat out with Skipper on his post treasure interview.


Perch Perkins: When word got out of a mysterious golden key that was unearthed from the time capsule, did it really mean big trouble for your troops?

Skipper: When those rats found the key, they knew it had to open something.

Perkins: As you and your friends approached the temple, were those traps that were set proved to be serious?

Skipper: Affirmative. Those traps were dangerous for our friends and my men. We also knew that those traps were set because any fool would’ve easily gotten the treasure first.

Perkins: And it turned out that you were pretty foolish when you and your friends were fighting for the treasure. That’s why the treasure meant if that someone was pure of heart.

Skipper: You’re 2 for 2 Perkins. While we were fighting, Ringtail looked inside of his world and found out that the greatest treasure of all is friendship.

Perkins: That’s why Julien was pure of heart when he buried the treasure along with the rats. Boy, that taught you and your friends a lesson didn’t it?

Skipper: It sure did Perch. When there was another treasure lurking, they all took Ringtail’s advice and left. I guess they had enough treasure hunting for one day.

Perkins: Do you think that you and your troops will ever become pure of heart in the future?

Skipper: We’ll just have to wait and see Perch. It’ll take time for us to know if we’re to follow in Ringtail’s footsteps.


Turning to ratings news, a new successor is found for our residential hero SpongeBob. Gene Scallop has the latest!



Gene: There’s been a big change in cable and broadcast this week. Family Guy pulls in with some of their repeats on Adult Swim. Based on the number of viewers, the best hit show is on the top 25 for the third week in a row. Everything from movie and TV tie-ins to the best action there is. And their numbers have put the show in 18th on the list with 3.8 million viewers. As for SpongeBob, he drops down to 24th because of Family Guy’s three recent airings. Looks like it’s big trouble for SpongeBob if Family Guy continues to knock him out of the top 25.


Recapping our top stories, King Julien is pure of heart as Skipper sets the record straight, and Family Guy’s big numbers have put SpongeBob in danger! Be sure to tune in this Friday night for the newest iCarly special I Have A New Room! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, I hope you enjoy it!


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Big ratings update plus a lost treasure is discovered

A lost treasure is found but will it prove to be too much? I’m Realistic Fish Head for Bikini Bottom News. Before we answer this week’s headline, let’s get to our top story!


On Gene’s ratings report from last week, SpongeBob’s Clash of Triton reeled in 5.2 million viewers as it ranks on the first top 6 spots. How’s it doing now? Let’s go to Gene on this breaking news story.


Gene: Another impressive week for SpongeBob. Last time he took the first top 6 spots on the top 25 ranking the special to 6th. This time, SpongeBob ranks 10th in both cable and broadcast ratings making the 2nd time he’s taken the most top vacant spots on the top 25. On the much improved side, Cartoon Network’s latest Saturday premiere reeled in over 18,000 viewers which triples the most number of viewers in their previous years dating back 2 years before their new graphics package. Look for that number to increase dramatically on their next premiere.


In other news, a lost treasure has been found in a desolate temple, setting up a race between the rats, lemurs, and our underwater heroes the Penguins to find the lost treasure of the golden squirrel. This soul-corrupting treasure could put the treasure hunters at risk once they find it but who will find it first? This special could depend on who gets the treasure but will their friendship work in the end? Or will it signal a warning because of a legendary true story? All of these answers will be decided as viewers go online to play the newest Penguin’s game and watch their newest episodes part of the Penguins’ lost treasure marathon all leading up to The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel this Monday night.


Recapping our headlines, our local hero SpongeBob SquarePants takes the 10 spot in broadcast and cable, and a life-threatening treasure could be dangerous if a legendary story proves to be true as the golden squirrel’s lost treasure forces the Penguins to search for it. This is Realistic Fish Head for Bikini Bottom News!

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SpongeBob’s Clash of Triton triumphs so does their ratings

SpongeBob succeeds in both on the Web and on TV! I’m Realistic Fish Head for Bikini Bottom News. Last week, our hero was up against King Neptune’s son King Triton as he continued his path of destruction in downtown Bikini Bottom. Luckily due to Triton’s devastation, SpongeBob and Patrick were chased by the entire town. Despite these incidents, the residents were deeply forgiven by our hero. As for Neptune’s 500th birthday, Neptune was reunited with his son because he was finally able to use his godly powers after being imprisoned over thousands of years ago.


Now with Neptune’s birthday a success, let’s turn to our movie and TV ratings critic Gene Scallop.


Gene: Before we start last week’s ratings report, we want to apologize to SpongeBob for causing the destruction in Bikini Bottom. We should’ve realized that it was Triton that caused the big wreck downtown. And for that, we like to say, we’re sorry SpongeBob. Now to start off, SpongeBob’s Clash of Triton scored a total of 5.2 million viewers overall. And on the Web, the game based on the special was played over 1.2 million times. As for the ratings overall, SpongeBob took the first six spots putting him at the 14th spot with 3.881 viewers.  It’s Primetime Emmy season again. Last year at the KCA’s you may remember, SpongeBob was victorious. This year, he’s taking a break just in case something comes up. 2 animated shows are battling it out  for favorite animated TV show. Something by be stirring if they both lose this year. But how will the Emmy voters decide? Find out this August!


As our summer coverage continues, we have a big reminder for you. Tune in August 29th for the 62nd Primetime Emmys! Which TV shows will win the big prize this year? This is Realistic Fish Head saying, tune in and find out!

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SpongeBob and the Penguins celebrate success at the daytime Emmys

Flash! Our underwater heroes succeed at this year’s Daytime Emmys! I’m Realistic Fish Head. As we celebrate our independence this week, we celebrate an historic win for both SpongeBob and the Penguins of Madagascar at the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards. Our on-the-spot reporter Perch Perkins is live at the scene with Daytime Emmy highlights.



Perch Perkins: Dick Clark, CBS’ As the World Turns, and ABC’s All My Children were honored at the Daytime Emmys.


By the end of the night, the big winner of the night would be CBS, with ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ winning the Outstanding Daytime Drama for the second year in a row.
Outstanding Informative Talk Show was won by ‘The Doctors,’ a first for that show, while ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ was the winner for Entertainment Talk Show. DeGeneres herself wasn’t there, and another no-show was the surprise victor for Outstanding Talk Show Host, Dr. Oz.


Discovery’s unconventional game show, ‘Cash Cab,’ won its third consecutive Emmy as Outstanding Game Show, and Ben Bailey was his fourth Emmy as Game Show Host.
CBS had much to celebrate in addition to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ s’ big win. Even though ‘As the World Turns’ is ending in September, that soap picked up three major acting awards.
Julie Pinson won her first Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actress for ‘As the World Turns.’ Her co-star, Michael Park, also earned his first Emmy honor for Outstanding Lead Actor. Meanwhile, the Outstanding Lead Actress trophy went to their cast mate Maura West for her second win.

Another CBS winner was Billy Miller, who took the Emmy as Supporting Actor for ‘The Young and the Restless.’ He thanked his current show, as well as his former show ‘All My Children.’ The Younger Actor award went to ‘B&B’s’ Drew Tyler Bell, while ‘General Hospital’ (ABC) actress Julie Berman won a second Emmy as Younger Actress.
‘General Hospital’ won the Emmy for directing, while Bradley Bell collected the Emmy for ‘B&B’s’ writing team, thanking his late father Bill Bell in his speech.


On the toon side, both The Penguins and SpongeBob each won their daytime Emmy for Outstanding TV show. Plus we give kudos to Fanboy and Chum Chum for their win for directing, as well as Fairly Odd Parents for sound and storyboard, and Back at the Barnyard for creative writing.


With the battle between Bikini Bottom’s hero and King Neptune’s son just hours away, SpongeBob desperately needs a way to make Triton happy. After all, it’s his party!


And speaking of parties, the Clash of Triton premieres this week as Neptune’s son wreaks havoc in our city. And with his best friend Patrick, they’ll need to act quickly to make Triton’s party the best ever.


And as we say happy 4th of July, this is Realistic Fish Head as our coverage of Nick’s summer highlights continues on Bikini Bottom News!

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