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The witching hour is here!

Ooh, spooky! I’m Gene Scallop subbing for Fish Head. He’s currently getting ready for tonight’s Halloween hosting festivities. While I give you the scoop on the movie buzz, I’ve got some surprises for you TV toon fans! Like Fish Head said last time, the spooky holiday is here at last. And most of you are braving the scary elements. Good for you! Now dating back to last month, we gave you a sneak preview of the latest Shrek special: “Scared Shrek less” in which the ogre himself challenges his friends to tell spooky scary stories in Lord Far quad’s castle. Also, look for the Monsters vs. Aliens team in their Halloween special.


For you Harry Potter fans out there, the triumphant wizard is on his last leg on his journey. Remember the last Harry Potter book that came out 2 years ago? Well, the last Potter movie based on J.K. Rowling’s last book will finally decide what happens to Harry. It’s a good idea that it’s not going 3D anytime soon. And like the Guardians of Ga’hoole to keep and eye out, we’ll see if those owls make their final appearance in the movie.


Turning to the latest box office report, Paranormal Activity 2, the sequel to Paranormal Activity, takes #1 on the list as it continues to scare audiences as strange things continue to scare a normal family with help from some security cameras to prove if ghosts really exist. How much more cash can this sequel conjure up? Find out if the box office numbers improve on Monday.


Well, that does it for October folks. As the breeze officially continues to blow by, we’ll be looking forward to a return of an old duo as Drake and Josh returns after a very long hiatus since the last special aired. We’ll also solve the case of a missing prized possession. Plus, we’ll bring you new episodes of your favorite Nicktoons as Super stuffed Nicks giving Weekend cooks up on yet another parade of action, comedy, intrigue, and suspense! And, we head to China as Po decides if his position as Dragon Warrior is more important than his family and friends. And we can’t forget this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade! Will the Sponge make another appearance this year? And as a special bonus, will keep an eye on some new balloons making their anticipated debut and the arrival of Holiday Season 2010! With Fish Head back in the newsroom, this is Gene Scallop saying, I’ll see you in showbiz next time!


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The Penguins finally get their updates on TV and DVD

The Penguins of Madagascar keep up! I’m Realistic Fish Head. Yesterday, our flightless superspies got the latest mission that had premiered on DVD as part of their never before seen collection of missions. Luckily, Gene Scallop caught up with the team before the Saturday morning premiere.


Gene: Days before the newest mission DVD came out, the Penguins thought they’d be stuck in another of their ominous loophole. But as hope would have it, They would manage to keep up with the recent missions that haven’t made it straight on DVD quite yet, but it’ll improve once they count up on their latest mission inventory before everything’s in good shape. Sure they met almost the entire animal kingdom so far, but they’ve already know their traits, diets, and so on. Better yet, they know how the same animal facts work on every animal in the real world of wildlife! We’ll have to keep a close watch for new episodes as well as some familiar animals too. It’s a good thing science is there for those flightless secret agents!


 Speaking of secret agents, the Emmy award-winning holiday special Prep and Landing has a new mission: Operation Secret Santa. Slated to start in early December, the two agent elves have to make sure that Santa can make his deliveries safely.


With the witching hour almost upon us this week, this Halloween may be the most scariest than last year! But rest assured loyal citizen, we’ll manage to get through this scary situation safely! This is Realistic Fish Head saying from all of Bikini Bottom, Happy Halloween!

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The Krabby Patties are better than the Krusty Dogs

The most important appetizing sandwich is saved! I’m Realistic Fish Head. After a idea made from SpongeBob from converting a patty into a wiener, the Krusty Dogs were a big hit at the Krusty Krab. But to SpongeBob’s dismay, the Krabby Patty was nowhere to be found. Realizing that the Krabby Patty formula was in imminent danger, Krabs found out that the Krabby Dog doesn’t replace a Krabby Patty that easily.


Now with Krabby Patties back on the menu at the Krusty Krab, customers can now enjoy Bikini Bottom’s most appetizing masterpiece for years to come! And now Bikini Bottom citizens know why the Krabby Patty is the most important sandwich in its history.


What will Bikini Bottom do now that the Krabby Patty still reigns supreme? Only time will know for sure! For more surprises ahead, be sure to join us next time! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, eat at the Krusty Krab!

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The family experts agree, The Guardians of Ga’Hoole are tops in family viewing in the movies!

The Guardians are beloved by children of all ages! I’m Realistic Fish Head. With The Guardians still kept in 2nd position, there was history made in entertainment. They’re the #1 movie and the first ever movie in 3D by all audiences! With that giving the owls some kudos, looks like Toy Story 3 could be up for best picture at this year’s Oscars according to Gene Scallop.


Gene: Congrats to the Guardians of Ga’Hoole for their achievement. Now for the big news. According to the Bikini Bottom Times, Toy Story 3 might be a best picture contender for the 2010 Oscars. With The Social Network, the film that exposes Face book, didn’t go quite well. If Toy Story 3 plays its cards right, that could score a win for Disney since Up was nominated for best picture at last year’s Oscars.


In DVD news, Christmas hits early as your favorite preschool friends celebrate this joyous season. Look for these holiday hits at your local retailer so you can start your holiday off right! With November and December closing in fast, the holidays could make up for the disastrous retailer report that broke the news to Wall Street 3 years ago.


As we sail off this week in honor of Columbus Day, we’ll discover something new treasure in the sea of entertainment. This is Realistic Fish Head as we set sail on yet another realistic voyage!

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We’re in for a cool breeze as October begins

Hmm, Krabby wieners? I’m Realistic Fish Head on this developing story. Has Bikini Bottom found another fast food sensation besides the Krabby Patty? Everything looks good, but something’s not right! To discuss this, Gene Scallop went to the scene of this newest idea.


Gene: Things are getting weird at the Krusty Krab as they prepare another addition to their arsenal: The Krabby Wiener. How will it taste, how will the customers like it, and more importantly, does it replace the Krabby Patty? Only the newest episode will answer theses questions!

Also in the news as we begin October, another retail-only DVD has already been released SpongeBob: 10 Happiest Moments recapping SpongeBob’s happiest moments from his karate chopping friend Sandy to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.


Plus, things will get cool and breezy with new episodes, specials, and breaking news all across the toon world this month! We’ll also bring you the latest ratings reports and special box office updates as Hollywood celebrates Halloween very early. This is Realistic Fish Head reminding you to stay warm this October!

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