Paramount unveils 2017-2019 slate including Monster Trucks; Spectre leads Veterans Day box office with 90 million; Waterman Entertainment acquires Film Roman



Welcome to the Veterans Day edition of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report. Here’s what’s topping today!



Off the news of this year’s Mipcom, Paramount’s new hit Monster Trucks was supposed to stay for next spring, but news broke this week as the studio unveiled the new slate for 2017 through 2019. Where’s Monster Truck finally stopping this time Angie?



Angie Angelfish (via Deadline Hollywood)- Paramount Animation unveiled release dates for several of the studio’s films including a new release date for its long-in-the-works Monster Trucks, The Little Prince and SpongeBob SquarePants 3. The dates carry studio’s slate through March 2019.

Monster Trucks, the live-action/CG hybrid that is hauling a $125M price tag, will now premiere on January 13, 2017. It’s the third release date for the pic which began production in May 2013 as the studio is making sure its marketing ducks are in a row. It originally had a summer 2015 release date, was moved to Christmas 2015, then March 2016.

Other dates: The Little Prince, March 18. 2016; the just announced Sherlock Gnomes, January 12, 2018; SpongeBob SquarePants 3, February 8, 2019; and Amusement Park, March 22, 2019.



Last weekend, Spectre became the 2nd best Bond flick with 75 million smackers behind Skyfall, but low traffic prevented it from breaking box office records thanks to that and 2oth Fox’s The Peanuts Movie which made 45 million smackers. Now that Bond’s back in action again heading towards Vet’s Day weekend, he’s got to go past some new opponents in order to hold on. Who’s preventing that from happening Danny?



Danny Angelfish (via Deadline Hollywood)- Veterans Day provided a boost for distributors at the box office as Sony/MGM/Eon’s Spectre led all films with an estimated $7.9M at 3,929 locations repping an 8% hike over Tuesday and bringing its six-day cume to $90.9M. That figure is a little more than what Skyfall, with previews, opened to in its first weekend with $90.6M, which means Spectre is three days behind at the B.O. next to its predecessor or $23.75M. Can it catch up through the holidays to Skyfall‘s final stateside haul of $304.4M? This weekend, industry projections believe that Spectre will ease 45%-50% for a second weekend take of $35M-$39M. Between Monday and Tuesday, Spectre posted a 38% uptick.

20th Century Fox had a double whammy in spots 2 and 3 between The Peanuts Movie, which made $7.8M at 3,897 venues, up 155% from Tuesday with a six-day total of $56.8M, and The Martian which cleared the $200M mark. The film already became Ridley Scott’s highest grossing film of all-time last Friday when it beat his Gladiator ($187.7M).

While most films saw double-digit percent gains between their Veterans Day takes and Tuesday, Sony’s family fare saw triple-digit hikes. Goosebumps took in $1.4M, up 159% for a cume in the middle of its fourth week of $68.6M, while Hotel Transylvania 2, with $920K surged 224% with a running cume in its seventh week of $162.7M.




Film Roman, the studio behind Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and the remastered X-Men just joined up with a new entertainment studio on the block as it readies its expansion to add in after a head start on the current season of Ultimate Spidey. Who’s taking the 30 year old library Dan?



Dan Barry (via Animation World)- Waterman Entertainment, the animation and live-action Production Company founded by Stuart Little and Alvin & The Chipmunks executive producer Steve Waterman has acquired animation giant, Film Roman. Under the new structure, Film Roman’s Dana Booton has been promoted from General Manager to President of production where she will continue to oversee the day-to-day business of the company, in addition to her new responsibilities of managing co-productions and development.

Additionally, Phil Roman is returning as Chairman Emeritus, to the company that he founded in 1984, serving in advisory capacity and working closely with Booton, Waterman and the development team on the creative vision for the company and its subsequent projects.

“Film Roman is one of the defining names in animated content,” said Waterman. “Their track record is unparalleled and their team’s passion for executing top-shelf animation is evident in every frame they’ve created.  Once it became clear how thoroughly our companies’ assets complemented each other, this deal was almost a foregone conclusion.”

Under the new structure, Film Roman gains the necessary support to expand their business model to acquire, develop and produce original ideas/concepts for television, feature film and digital media while absorbing Waterman’s development slate that includes such titles as Brave Little Toaster, Heathcliff and Mr. Ed. 

In addition, Film Roman remains committed to their core business of operating as one of the animation industry’s top studios for hire where they work on marquee projects like The Simpsons and Marvels’ ULTIMATE Spider-Man.

“Now with Waterman, Film Roman enters a new phase where we have the additional resources required to fully support development of projects and new IP while continuing to work with our long time clients and productions,” said Booton. “Equally, we are delighted to welcome Phil is back as our chairman emeritus and have his legend return to the studio created. Phil hired and mentored many of our leading artists in the industry today,”



1,530 fans are on the board on the Penguins tally as Team Skipper salutes our fellow veterans.



New episodes of Regular Show continue this week with new arrivals, fist punching action, and scorching surprises as Mordecai and Rigby continue to put their ideas to work! Just a reminder folks, Black Friday’s just 2 weeks away, so save some Thanksgiving leftovers before you shop. See you soon for the next edition of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report!

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