The Perfect Guy edges out The Visit with 26 million, War Room holds up as Monday’s estimates determine close race; Little Roy to join CBBC and CBeebies in crossover deal doubleheader; Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir to premiere on Nick on Sundays starting December 6th




A perfect end to a perfect summer! I’m Realistic Fish Head. As we say hello to Fall TV season, last season’s hits are ready to bring out their promises. But first, Sony’s The Perfect Guy manages to best The Visit by a million. With the race now in the hands of last week’s Labor Day winner War Room Gene, how will the close race be won if The Perfect Guy surges ahead?






It turned out to be a very close race for first place this weekend between Sony’s The Perfect Guy and Universal’s The Visit. Heading into the weekend it had been widely expected that it would be a close race between the two PG-13 rated newcomers, but both films ultimately exceeded pre-release expectations by roughly $10 million each. With the studio estimates for the two films only separated by $1.01 million, the weekend race between the two obviously won’t be decided until weekend actuals are reported on Monday.

The Perfect Guy currently has the edge for first place with an estimated $26.70 million debut this weekend. The low-budget thriller starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut significantly exceeded expectations as mentioned and performed very well with its low cost in mind. With The Perfect Guy, Sony closely followed the template of last year’s No Good Deed and the opening weekend results were even stronger for The Perfect Guy as it opened 10 percent ahead of the $24.25 million debut of No Good Deed. After having a tough go of it throughout much of 2015, Sony has rebounded nicely over the past few weeks thanks to War Room and now The Perfect Guy. Films with predominantly African American casts have been especially strong performers over the past month, as Straight Outta Compton, War Room and The Perfect Guy have all exceeded expectations.

The Perfect Guy took in $9.95 million on Friday (unlike The Visit and most recent wide releases in general, the film didn’t have pre-midnight shows on Thursday), increased a slim 5 percent on Saturday to gross $10.45 million and is expected to decline 40 percent on Sunday to gross $6.3 million. That gives the film an estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.68 to 1. It should be noted that Sunday’s percentage declines in general are expected to start being sharper now as a result of the start of the NFL season (as well as the end of the summer season). The audience breakdown for The Perfect Guy skewed heavily towards female moviegoers (69 percent) and towards moviegoers over the age of 25 (58 percent). The Perfect Guy received a strong A- rating on CinemaScore, though the film could still very well be quite front-loaded towards opening weekend given how front-loaded No Good Deed was last fall.

The Visit opened in a close second with an estimated $25.69 million. When taking into account its relatively modest pre-release expectations and its small price tag, the M. Night Shyamalan directed horror thriller from Blumhouse Productions arguably represents Shyamalan’s strongest debut since the $50.75 million start of 2004’s The Village. The Visit opened 42 percent stronger than the $18.04 million start of 2006’s Lady in the Water and 16 percent below the $30.52 million debut of 2008’s The Happening (both of which carried significantly larger price tags). The Visit represents another strong performer for Universal in what has already been a record-breaking year for the studio.

The Visit started out with $9.22 million on Friday (which included an estimated $1.02 million from Thursday night shows), increased a promising 15 percent on Saturday to gross $10.62 million and is estimated to decrease 45 percent on Sunday to gross $5.85 million. That gives the film an estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.79 to 1. That is a strong ratio for a horror film and is a good early sign for the film going forward. The film’s B- rating on CinemaScore isn’t quite as glowing in comparison, but it also suggests that the film is going over better with moviegoers than many of Shyamalan’s more recent efforts have. The audience breakdown for The Visit skewed towards female moviegoers (60 percent) and slightly towards moviegoers 21 years and older (52 percent).

Sony’s War Room continued to hold up very nicely with an estimated third place take of $7.4 million. The break-out Kendrick Brothers produced faith based film from TriStar and AFFIRM Films was down a slim 22 percent from last weekend’s three-day take. This weekend’s percentage hold is made even more impressive given that Labor Day weekend helped inflate last weekend’s performance. War Room continues to exceed expectations greatly with a 17-day take of $39.19 million. The film is currently running 84 percent ahead of the $21.28 million 17-day gross of 2011’s Courageous and 20 percent ahead of the $32.56 million 17-day total of last year’s God’s Not Dead.

A Walk in the Woods followed in fourth with an estimated $4.62 million. The Robert Redford led comedy from Broad Green Pictures was down a respectable 44 percent from last weekend’s three-day debut.  A Walk in the Woods has grossed a stronger than expected $19.88 million through twelve days of release. That places the film 11 percent ahead of the $17.98 million twelve-day take of last year’s The November Man and 9 percent behind the $21.87 million twelve-day gross of 2011’s The Debt.

Late summer blockbusters Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Straight Outta Compton claimed fifth and sixth place this weekend with respective estimated takes of $4.15 million and $4.09 million. Paramount’s Rogue Nation was down 43 percent from last weekend, while Universal’s Straight Outta Compton fell 53 percent. Respective total grosses stand at $188.17 million for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation through 45 days and at $155.71 million for Straight Outta Compton through 31 days.

Meanwhile, 90 Minutes in Heaven debuted in ninth place this weekend with an estimated $2.16 million. The faith based drama from Samuel Goldwyn earned a modest per-location average of $2,461 from 878 locations. Potential for 90 Minutes in Heaven appears to have been limited a bit from the break-out performance of fellow faith based film War Room.




To recap, The Perfect Guy perfectly sits in 1st with The Visit creeping 2nd, War Room moves 3rd as the joyful flick outguns ahead of last year’s faith flicks and holds its position giving female audiences the advantage, A Walk in the Woods walks toward 4th, and MI:5 holds 5th as it successfully outmaneuvers the Compton Boys.




This week’s the start of our TIFF coverage as well as the Oscar race. It also begins Fall TV season as the official start of Fall begins next week. For our Fall TV viewers, let’s head first to Dublin as everyone favorite guy Little Roy heads up north to meet some new friends. As many of you didn’t realize last week, a double deal crossover has been complete to deliver all of the little guy’s famous adventures. Who’s got both series ready to show them to make Little Roy and friends at home Dan?



Dan Barry (via Animation World)- Award winning creative production, distribution and licensing company JAM Media has won a far-reaching cross-over commission from both CBBC and CBeebies for brand new series Little Roy.



The series was jointly commissioned by Kay Benbow, controller of CBeebies and Cheryl Taylor, controller of CBBC. Little Roy will air on both channels. Sue Nott and Michael Towner from the BBC will executive produce, along with Alan Shannon and John Rice from JAM Media. The series is produced by Mark Cumberton.

Building on the success of the BAFTA award-winning pre-school series Roy, which currently airs on CBBC, Little Roy is a live action/animation hybrid starring Roy O’Brien, an animated 5-year-old boy on a journey of self-discovery through imaginative play.  Little Roy embraces all the winning elements of the existing 11-year-old Roy brand. Little Roy features laugh out loud comedy, physical hijinks and emotional learning with a touch of madcap humor and craziness. Little Roy is Roy with the brakes off.

In a separate deal, CBBC has also commissioned a spin-off series The Roy Files also featuring the star of JAM’s hit series Roy, a live action/animation mockumentary. The Roy Files is currently in production and was also commissioned by Taylor of CBBC.  Sue Nott at the BBC, Shannon and Rice at JAM Media will executive produce. Cumberton is also producing while Shannon is directing.

The series will give fans a new and exclusive insight into the life of Roy O’Brien — Ireland’s only cartoon boy living in the real world. Roy turns his history homework from Mr. Hammond into a scrapbook about himself. It features exclusive new material combined with highlights from all four series of the main show. The pace and humor will mirror that of Roy and each episode will feature core themes that the audience can relate to.  At the end of every chapter of the scrapbook, Roy offers his conclusion as to the events he’s just relived. Though being an 11-year-old cartoon boy, Roy is slightly prone to getting the wrong end of the stick!



JAM Media has worldwide rights to both series.



“Roy has been a huge success with the CBBC audience, so it’s fantastic to be able to collaborate further with JAM Media and CBeebies to open him to the wider children’s audience through Little Roy and The Roy Files,” Taylor says. “We’re sure our viewers will enjoy following him through his heart-warming and hilarious animated journeys of self-discovery in both series.”

“We are thrilled once again to be working not only with CBBC but also CBeebies to build the franchise together and take the show to a new audience,“ adds JAM Media CEO John Rice. “Little Roy promises to be an ideal cross over show for CBBC and CBeebies. Wonderful also to be making The Roy Files for CBBC which has Roy reflecting on past adventures.”





Our last stop’s in Paris were an evil villain is terrorizing the city. Luckily, 2 incredible super heroes are here to defend the city and stop him and all of his evil forces from doing more harm. Where will our viewers see the ID of the dynamic duo Dan?



Dan Barry (via Animation World) (continued)- Combining action-packed adventure with superhero elements, Nickelodeon will premiere the 3D, CGI-animated sitcom Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Sunday, Dec. 6, at 12:00 p.m. E.T. Based on an original concept by Zag, the 26-episode series, follows two junior high students, Marinette and Adrien, who have been chosen to save Paris from the evil doings of a mysterious super-villain. The storylines and adventures are rich with friends, family, fun, secret identity, transformation, villains, fashion, creativity and more, all within the spectacular backdrop of Paris. New episodes will continue to air regularly Sundays at 12:00 p.m. E.T. through December on Nickelodeon.

As secret identity superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, Marinette and Adrien must balance the crazy antics of normal teen life while stopping weekly baddies deployed by Hawk Moth to steal their powers and take over the world. With the help of their magical pets, and miraculous jewels, the duo transform into their alter egos, Ladybug and Cat Noir, and are granted powers of speed, strength, agility and a clear mind.



1,540 fans are ready to continue the Penguins tally as Team Skipper readies themselves for Fall TV season.





The excitement begins this week as we officially begin Fall TV season. First, Cartoon Network’s Thursday night lineup begins early with Steven Universe, plus, new episodes of Gumball, Regular Show, Teen Titans Go!, and We Bare Bears. Also join up with the Total Drama contestants for another week of episodes of Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race. And for you UK viewers, catch the newest week of episodes of Shaun The Sheep! This just in, looks like SpongeBob, Sanjay and Craig, Harvey Beaks, and the team of Pig Goat Banana Cricket are also joining in this Friday night! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, let the Fall TV madness begin!

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