Disney’s Teen Beach Movie pulls in big win; Last Big Time Rush episode to air Thursday; Netflix defends DreamWorks movie deals


Welcome to the Big Time finale edition of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report. Here’s what’s topping today!


With Comic-Con 2013 in the books it’s time for some housekeeping with today’s ratings report. This week, Disney Channel pulled out their biggest hit of the summer Teen Beach Movie. How did the summer hit do last time during Comic-Con? Let’s see:


For the week of July 15, 2013, powered by the premiere and encores of the original movie “Teen Beach Movie” and comedy series debut of “Liv and Maddie,” Disney Channel soared to its most-watched week in over 1 year across target demos – since week of 7/9/12 – ranking as TV’s #1 Total Day network for the 8th consecutive week in Kids 2-11 (1.19 million/3.0 rating), for the 110th straight week in Kids 6-11 (895,000/3.8 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (754,000/3.2 rating), and the definitive #1 cable TV network in Total Viewers (2.11 million).

Disney Channel outperformed runner-up Nickelodeon by at least double digits for the 89th consecutive week in Kids 6-11 (+67% – 895,000 vs. 535,000) and 91st in Tweens (107% – 754,000 vs. 365,000), and levied its largest competitive advantage in 1 year in Total Viewers (+13% – 2.11 million vs. 1.87 million) and Kids 2-11 (+22% – 1.19 million vs. 975,000) – since week of 7/16/12.

In Prime, Disney Channel was easily cable TV’s #1 network in Total Viewers (3.04 million), beating #2 USA by 20% (vs. 2.53 million), and extended its streak as cable TV’s #1 network to 429 consecutive weeks in Kids 6-11 (1.39 million/5.9 rating – 8+ years) and 164 weeks in Tweens 9-14 (1.17 million/4.9 rating – 3+ years). Notably, this marked the network’s most-watched week in Prime in two years in Total Viewers and in nearly 1 year in Kids 6-11 and Tweens – since weeks of 7/18/11 and 7/9/12, respectively.

Friday’s premiere of “Teen Beach Movie” ranked as TV’s #1 movie year to date in Total Viewers (8.39 million) and the #1 cable TV telecast in Kids 2-11 (4.59 million/11.6 rating), Kids 6-11 (3.89 million/16.5 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (3.39 million/14.3 rating). It is the network’s most-watched original movie in four years in Total Viewers and in six years across Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens. Further, it garnered a massive 56 share in Kids 6-11 and 73 share in Girls 6-11.
Saturday’s encore (11:00 – 12:50 p.m.) stood as the #1 scripted TV telecast for the entire day in Total Viewers (4.34 million) and TV’s #1 telecast in Kids 2-11 (2.54 million/6.4 rating), Kids 6-11 (2.03 million/8.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.59 million/6.7 rating).
Sunday’s 2nd encore (8:00 – 9:45 p.m.) ranked as basic cable’s #1 telecast for the entire day in Total Viewers (4.41 million) and TV’s #1 telecast in Kids 2-11 (2.47 million/6.2 rating), Kids 6-11 (1.99 million/8.4 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.74 million/7.3 rating).
With its premiere and two encores, “Teen Beach Movie” reached an impressive 17.3 million unique Total Viewers, including nearly 8 million Kids 2-11 and 5 million Adults 18-49.
Friday’s series premiere of original comedy “Liv and Maddie” (9:45 – 10:15 p.m.) became cable TV’s #2 telecast of 2013 to date in Kids 2-11 (3.23 million/8.2 rating), Kids 6-11 (2.72 million/11.5 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.44 million/10.2 rating), behind “Teen Beach Movie,” and was cable TV’s #2 scripted telecast for the week in Total Viewers (5.78 million).
With premiere and encores of “Teen Beach Movie” and the premiere of “Liv and Maddie,” Disney Channel aired the week’s Top 16 TV telecasts in Kids 2-11 (18 of 20), Top 32 telecasts in Kids 6-11 (100 of 102) and Top 40 in Tweens 9-14 (58 of 60) – Top 5 below:

Disney Junior Preschooler Block on Disney Channel

Led by “Sofia the First” and “Doc McStuffins,” for the 2nd consecutive week Disney Junior on Disney Channel aired the week’s Top 2 preschool cable TV series in Kids 2-5, Top 3 in Girls 2-5 and Top 4 in Total Viewers.

24-Hour Disney Junior Channel

The 24-hour Disney Junior Channel handily ranked as cable TV’s #1 preschool-dedicated network in Total Day for the 16th consecutive week – each week since reporting public ratings on 4/1/13 – with Kids 2-5 (228,000/1.4 rating) and Boys 2-5 (121,000/1.5 rating), for the 15th time in the previous 16 weeks in Total Viewers (439,000), for the 4th time in the previous 5 weeks in Girls 2-5 (106,000/1.4 rating) and for the 4th week in a row in Women 18-49 (86,000/0.1 rating).

Notably, Disney Junior Channel soared to all time weekly highs for the 2nd consecutive week in Total Viewers (439,000), Girls 2-5 (106,000) and Women 18-49 (86,000 – tie), and also set a weekly high in Kids 2-5 (228,000).

Disney Junior Channel topped Nick Jr. for the 16th week in a row in Kids 2-5 (+28% – 228,000 vs. 178,000) and Boys 2-5 (+51% – 121,000 vs. 80,000), and 15th time in 16 weeks in Total Viewers (+16% – 439,000 vs. 377,000), despite being in 16.4 million fewer homes.
Disney Junior Channel out-delivered Sprout by triple digits for the 16th straight week in the target demos: Total Viewers (+163% – 439,000 vs. 167,000), Kids 2-5 (+185% – 228,000 vs. 80,000) and Boys 2-5 (+290% – 121,000 vs. 31,000), and for the 15th time in the previous 16 weeks in Girls 2-5 (+116% – 106,000 vs. 49,000).


There were rumors of the last episode of Big Time Rush’s last season during last April through May. On Monday, Carlos Pena’s Twitter feed confirmed the news, which ultimately means the boys of BTR will have one last run as the four are on a trip at the Teen Choice Awards as they go undercover on a one-hour assignment. What’s their final mission for BTR Dan?


Dan Barry (via Nick and More)- As was expected, Big Time Rush is one their final season – and the final episode is airing this Thursday night. Series star Carlos Pena confirmed it with his tweet today.

In the one-hour “Big Time Dreams” special series finale, the guys are invited to the Teen Choice Awards and uncover a plot to brainwash the audience. Austin Mahone, Mindless Behavior, Nick Cannon, Karmin and Alexa Vega guest star. The special airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT with encores on Friday and Saturday.

Big Time Rush previewed in November 2009 and premiered in January 2010 to 6.8 million viewers (after the mega-huge iCarly special scored 11.2 million viewers). With 20 episodes in season one, 29 in season two, 12 in season three and now 13 in season four, the series ends with 74 total episodes – making it one of Nickelodeon’s longest live-action scripted series (behind House of Anubis, iCarly, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and The Secret World of Alex Mack).


The Warner’s scared the living daylight’s out of the box office with their horror hit, The Conjuring sending the other movies scared in the process. DreamWorks Turbo was one of those casualties as it opened very weak last week. It also put Netflix under threat of losing all movie deals with the fishing boy. How can Netflix protect them Angie?


Angie Angelfish (via Variety)- Netflix isn’t sweating the underwhelming performance from the latest offering at the box office by DreamWorks Animation, which struck a pair of deals with the streaming service beginning in 2011.
While acknowledging that new animated movie “Turbo” opened a “little soft,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos stuck up for DWA. “I’m very comfortable with DreamWorks performance at the box office,” he said on the company’s second-quarter earnings call Monday.
“Turbo” got off to a slow start this past weekend, earning just $21.5 million in three days, with $31.2 million in five. The toon marks one of the lowest three-day openings for a recent DWA CGI-animated film.
Despite the sluggish numbers, Sarandos explained that box office performance isn’t necessarily a good indicator of how a title will perform on Netflix.
“They translate to high viewing on Netflix, even movies that don’t perform as well at the box office,” he said in response to questions from CNBC reporter Julia Boorstin.
The other DWA title Boorstin brought into question was “The Croods,” which Sarandos countered performed well over its total run. “Croods” finished with $582 million worldwide.
Sarandos also noted that “Turbo” won’t come to Netflix until after the home-video window, which will provide an additional marketing boost to the content that will lift its visibility before arriving on the platform.
“Turbo” is just one of many big-budget titles that will come to Netflix as part of an output deal Netflix secured in 2011 from DWA, which previously had a deal in place with HBO. It was the highest profile such deal of the kind for the company at the time, though it has since seen its value eclipsed by a similar deal with Walt Disney Pictures last year.
But “Turbo” could prove doubly problematic due to a second deal Netflix announced with DWA in June for a slate of original series based on the film company’s intellectual property. Spinoff series “Turbo F.A.S.T” is the first project expected from the deal.
But Sarandos waxed hopeful. “Turbo” had the momentum to transition to a serial. ”Iconic characters tend to last a long time ,way beyond opening weekend box office performance,” he said.
Worse come to worse, Sarandos noted that the rate card by which Netflix pays DWA for titles reconfigures how much it pays to license each title based on box office performance.


According to Stan Jennings Fish once DreamWorks releases earnings next Tuesday, if the company misses its estimates, it will dealt a big blow to its box office performance as well as their TV series deal with Netflix as well as their upcoming titles for the rest of the year, mostly due to Turbo who got flopped as well as R.I.P.D.


Checking the Penguins tally, 515 fans sign in as Team Skipper is aware of Big Time Rush’s sudden exit tomorrow night.


Speaking of BTR, catch the four tomorrow night with encores this weekend as part of their farewell tour on Nick. With the boys leaving, this is the network’s 5th live-action show to leave the block once the final episode ends. But that’s another edition for next time! See you soon TV and movie fans!

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