Nick notches 16th weekly win; Nick releases 12 new animation projects including Sanjay and Craig; SAG-AFTRA shuts down 10 studios to ease off 6 million deficit


Welcome to this year’s animated project edition of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report. Here’s what’s topping today!


The first weekly results of May are in and Nick scores yet another win this week. Thanks to the schedule changes implemented 3 weeks ago, it’s 16th weekly winning ways will make good on their promise this month. Disney also swept the ratings charts after yesterday’s estimated win at Wall Street. Let’s check out what’s going on:


NEW YORK – May 7, 2013 – Nickelodeon continued its ratings momentum by posting its 15th consecutive week of year-over year gains, garnering a 2.5/844,000, up +4% among kids 2-11 and averaging 1.6 million total viewers, an increase of +7%. Nickelodeon is also basic cable’s most-watched net for the week (4/29/13-5/5/13) among total viewers.

Nick’s hit preschool series Bubble Guppies was basic cable’s top preschool program for the third straight week, averaging a 5.6/757,000 K2-5 and posting double-digit gains over last year (+46%). Additionally, SpongeBob SquarePants ranked as basic cable’s number-one animated series with kids 2-11 (5.1/1.7 million) this week, followed by The Fairly OddParents (4.8/1.6 million).

Disney Channel, the 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network, delivered another clean sweep in Total Day ranking as TV’s #1 network across Kids 2-11 (848,000/2.1 rating), Kids 6-11 (517,000/2.2 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (464,000/1.9 rating), nearing an impressive two years as the reigning TV network in 6-11s and 9-14s. Moreover, Disney Channel towered over Nickelodeon by at least double digits for the 78th consecutive week in Kids 6-11 (+33% – 517,000 vs. 389,000) and for the 80th straight week in Tweens 9-14 (+81% – 464,000 vs. 257,000).

In Prime, Disney Channel stood as cable TV’s #1 network for the 418th consecutive week in Kids 6-11 (974,000/4.1 rating – 8 years) and for 154 straight weeks in Tweens 9-14 (840,000/3.5 rating – nearly 3 years).

Disney Channel delivered the week’s Top 3 scripted basic cable TV telecasts in Total Viewers with “Good Luck Charlie” (3.70 million), “Austin & Ally” (3.67 million) and “Dog With A Blog” (3.45 million).

24-Hour Disney Junior Channel

The 24-hour Disney Junior Channel ranked as cable TV’s #1 preschool network for the 5th consecutive week in Total Day in Total Viewers (347,000), Kids 2-5 (184,000/1.1 rating) and Boys 2-5 (103,000/1.3 rating).

Disney Junior Channel surpassed Nick Jr. by double digits for the 5th straight week in Kids 2-5 (+22% – 184,000 vs. 151,000) and Boys 2-5 (+43% – 103,000 vs. 72,000), and for the 4th time in the previous 5 weeks in Total Viewers (+11% – 347,000 vs. 313,000), despite being in 23 million fewer homes.
Disney Junior Channel out-performed Sprout by triple digits for the 5th week in a row in key demos Total Viewers (+148% – 347,000 vs. 140,000), Kids 2-5 (+183% – 184,000 vs. 65,000), Boys 2-5 (+368% – 103,000 vs. 22,000) and Women 18-49 (+119% – 68,000 vs. 31,000).


Last year, Nick cooked up a a baker’s dozen of animation projects that turned them into small screen stars after setting up their animation staff last year. This year, the network released another baker’s dozen to see if their next fleet of stars make the cut. Who came out first Jim?


Jim Fish (via Nick and More)-  Nickelodeon’s second annual Animated Shorts Program, which is designed to identify and develop original comedy-driven content for kids, garnered close to 900 pitches from artists, designers, writers, directors and comedians globally. Twelve ideas were chosen from the program and will be developed into animated shorts with the potential to air on Nickelodeon, appear on, or on the recently launched Nick App. Nickelodeon will be expanding the Animation Shorts Program and launching an international version in the coming months.

“Nickelodeon received a striking response from all corners of the globe during the 2013 Animated Shorts Program submission period,” said Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon President of Content Development and Production. “We’re thrilled to develop the new characters, relatable storylines and funny kid-inspired content from these 12 concepts into fully realized animated shorts.”

Concepts were received in all animation styles, from 2D, digital 2D, stop motion, CG and mixed media, from a broad pool of creative talent. Creators of the 12 shorts will be provided with the necessary artistic and production support teams to help them complete their fully animated original, humor-based and character-driven shorts.

“In only our second year of the program, we have already tapped into a broad pool of talented artists, designers and directors,” said Jenna Boyd, Senior Vice President, Animation Development, Nickelodeon Group. “We look forward to developing this original and innovative content across all of our platforms, especially our Nick App which is really resonating with our audience.”

Four of the finalists selected from the second annual Animated Shorts Program are “Bug Salad,” “Earmouse and Bottle,” “Welcome to Woodstump” and “Broats.” From up-and-coming Sanjay and Craig director Carl Faruolo, “Bug Salad” is about a naïve fly pulled between his two best friends, one that’s scared of everything and one that’s scared of nothing. In “Earmouse and Bottle,” storyboard artist Brian Morante tells the story of an indestructible Earmouse and a fragile Bottle who seek revenge after they have been cursed by an evil wizard. Set in a forest town, artist Zach Smith introduces “Welcome to Woodstump,” where Dennis Deer finds himself on an epic quest to get home unseen when he discovers he accidentally wore his mom’s jeans. “Broats,” from artist Jack Cusamano, centers on three slacker bro goats who capitalize on their “goatiness” by running their own petting zoo at Shopmerica.

Last year, more than 600 pitches were collected during Nickelodeon’s inaugural Animated Shorts Program. From the pitches, 12 shorts were created, six are currently in series development and two will get pilot orders. All 12 will air on the network, or appear on or on Nickelodeon’s new app. Pam and Sid’s Port-a-Party, featuring two hyperactive meerkats that turn an ordinary port-a-potty into their very own port-a-party, is one of shorts that will call the Nick App home.

The SAG Movie team was under pressure yesterday as Oregon’s SAG and their media production team urged them to keep them open. But in a very important move, they plan to shut down 10 of their studios due to a 6 million smacker increase. Was that the right option for the SAG Movie to erase that increase Angie?


Angie Angelfish (via Dateline Hollywood)- SAG-AFTRA is holding firm to its decision to shutter the local union office in Oregon despite the pleas of Oregon’s SAG-AFTRA members and the Oregon Media Production Association trade group. SAG-AFTRA announced a nationwide restructuring last month, resulting in the closure of 10 of its 25 offices and the layoff of 60 staffers. The union said the move was necessary to help correct a $6 million structural deficit. The trade group says closure of the union’s local office would be detrimental to the state’s film industry. SAG-AFTRA responded below:

“We appreciate our positive collaboration with our many partners across the country, including the Oregon Media Production Association. Our members live and work daily in areas throughout the nation and globe, and we will never be able to establish or maintain brick-and-mortar offices in all of these locations. Despite this, and whether or not we have a physical office in a particular locale, we are still responsible for enforcing our contracts, and ensuring that claims and payments are made to our members. This restructuring effort focuses our staff in 15 major media markets around the country, and allows us to provide better and more effective services to all members, wherever they work. That is our goal and, with a better alignment of our limited resources, we expect to deliver on this goal more effectively as we move forward. We are responsible for enforcing our contracts, ensuring that claims and payments are made, and supporting our members.”


842 fans sign in the Penguins tally as fans continue to digest every mission Team Skipper’s done so far. There’s still no word of the last missions yet, but we’ll bring some new info when it comes through the newswire soon.


We’re in the merry month of May TV and movie fans, and there’s new episodes to look for this week and this weekend so keep watching and keep looking for changes ahead. See you soon for another edition folks!

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