“Mama” cooks up 33 million win while Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand flops; Bob Iger collects 40 million in 2012; Nick picks up The Haunted Hathaway’s for a 20-episode season



Hi folks Gene Scallop here! Welcome to my box office report. Here’s what’s going on this week!


While Fish Head is enjoying his 4 day weekend once he gets back Monday, let’s check the 4-day chart.


Last time, the golden globe winners Argo, Les Miz, and Zero Dark Thirty have limited DreamWorks Lincoln to one golden globe. That was when Zero Dark Thirty was actually based on historical references on the hunt for Bin Laden. There’s only one logical explanation for all this: controversy! Yep, this was the 2nd feature to show a true story. Argo being the first.


This week, Universal’s supernatural hit Mama tops the box office with 33 million smackers putting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1st film since T3: Rise of The Machines in the 10th spot but to no avail. How did a spooky film beat out an action flick? Let’s examine this shall we?:


Universal’s Mama debuted with an estimated $28.1 million over the three-day frame (four-day estimate is $33.2 million) to lead this weekend’s box office with ease. The PG-13 horror film starring Jessica Chastain greatly exceeded pre-release expectations, which were in the $20 million range for the four-day frame. Clearly, Mama was helped out in a big way by the lack of non-R rated films in the current marketplace, especially among films released within the month of January. As evidence, the audience breakdown for Mama skewed heavily towards younger moviegoers (63 percent of the film’s audience was under 25 and 35 percent of the film’s audience was under 17).  Mama also skewed towards female moviegoers (61 percent). Without adjusting for ticket price inflation, Mama delivered the ninth largest three-day opening weekend ever for the month of January. Making this weekend’s debut even sweeter was the film’s production budget of just $15 million.

With a B- Cinema Score rating (which is very solid for a horror film) and all three of next weekend’s wide releases being R-rated, Mama will have a good chance of holding up well next weekend by horror film standards. Internationally, Mama grossed $1 million from six smaller foreign markets this weekend.

Jessica Chastain also found herself in second place this weekend, as Sony’s Zero Dark Thirty remained strong with an estimated three-day take of $17.6 million (four-day estimate is $21.4 million). Strong word of mouth and continued Oscar Buzz continues to help the Best Picture nominee, which was down a modest 28 percent from last weekend over the three-day frame. Zero Dark Thirty has grossed $55.94 million to date. That places the film 34 percent ahead of 2007’s The Bucket List and 23 percent behind 2008’s Gran Torino at the same point in their respective runs.

The Weinstein Company’s Silver Linings Playbook had a healthy expansion this weekend with an estimated third-place three-day gross of $11.35 million. After expanding into an additional 1,713 locations, the Best Picture nominee starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence was up a terrific 126 percent over last weekend’s three-day frame. Silver Linings Playbook has grossed $55.31 million to date and should remain a factor at the box office throughout the rest of the Oscar season.

Turning to the bad news this weekend, Fox’s Broken City and Lionsgate’s The Last Stand both proved to be major disappointments. Broken City debuted in fifth pace with an estimated three-day take of $9.0 million, which represented Mark Wahlberg’s poorest debut in years.  Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback attempt, The Last Stand, landed all the way down in tenth with an estimated three-day gross of just $6.3 million. With so many other R rated films having been released into the marketplace over the past month, there was ultimately no demand for either Broken City or The Last Stand this weekend.

Two of last weekend’s R-rated releases, Warner’s Gangster Squad and Open Road’s A Haunted House experienced relatively better results, but were still down significantly nonetheless. Gangster Squad placed in fourth with an estimated $9.11 million, while A Haunted House claimed sixth with an estimated $8.33 million. Respective percentage declines from last weekend were 47 percent for Gangster Squad and 54 percent for A Haunted House. Through ten days, Gangster Squad has grossed $32.22 million. A Haunted House has grossed $29.94 million over the same span and boasts the far more impressive performance of the two films when taking price-tags into account.

In other box office news, Sony’s Skyfall topped the $300 million domestic mark this weekend.  The blockbuster James Bond film has grossed $300.94 million to date after grossing an estimated $1.05 million over the weekend.  Skyfall reached the $300 million domestic milestone in 71 days.


To recap the 4-day weekend, Mama spooks 1st, after taking down Arnold, Zero Dark Thirty moves up 2nd, Silver Linings Playbook makes a comeback in 3rd, the Gangster Squad stays alive in 4th, and Fox’s Broken City in 5th suffers badly in the hands of Mama.


Disney CEO Bob Iger has been on a roll last year since acquiring the Star Wars franchise. But how many smackers did he get in 2012? Angie adds them all up:


Angie Angelfish (via Dateline Hollywood)- The company says in its proxy filed at the SEC this evening that in meetings with shareholders “there was broad agreement with the Compensation Committee’s assessment that Mr. Iger’s performance as chief executive officer has been excellent.” Disney shares appreciated 76% in the fiscal year that ended September 30, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 was up 30%. The company also says that in the previous three years Bob Iger‘s compensation was “near or below the median compensation awarded to his peers.” Directors responded by raising all components of Iger’s compensation compensation for the fiscal year that ended in September: It amounted to $2.5M in salary, $9.5M in stock awards, $7.8M in option awards, $16.5M in non-equity incentives, $3.1M change in pension value, and $800,700 for other compensation. The “other” category includes $574,331 for security and $190,439 for personal air travel. The company says it requires Iger to use the corporate jet for his personal travel “for security reasons.” It also notes that the present value of the pension rose in part because interest rates dropped and “does not result in any increase in the benefits payable to participants.” Still, Disney paid Iger like a rock star: He made 6.3 times the median pay for the four other executives named in the proxy. Corporate governance watchdogs say that CEO pay is out of whack when it exceeds three times the average for other top officers. The second-highest-paid exec, CFO Jay Rasulo, made $12.2M, a raise of 10.2%. Disney shareholders will have a chance to voice their opinions about the pay package, and elect directors, at the annual meeting to be held March 6 in Phoenix.

In addition to the usual business, investors will vote on a proposal that would make it easier for shareholders to nominate independent directors. Supporters say they want to check the concentration of power at Disney, including the decision to make Iger chairman as well as CEO. The company opposes the change, saying it would be a distraction and is “in search of a problem that does not exist at this Company.” The company also opposes a proposal to require that the chairman be an independent director, which would disqualify the CEO. It’s management’s job to run the company while the board needs to “oversee management,” the proposal says. Disney counters that the plan “seeks to replace the current, clear and workable standard for electing a Chairman with a vague and unworkable standard” adding that the criticism of the decision to give Iger both of the top jobs “is unfounded.”


Back in our spring and summer preview, we took a look at Nick’s newest shows for the year. This week, the network added another live action comedy to their schedule:


Nickelodeon has picked up the live-action comedy pilot The Haunted Hathaway’s to a full series, with a 20 episode order, via Deadline.com. The pilot was announced back in August.

“Created by [Robert] Peacock, The Haunted Hathaway’s features an unconventional blended family and can be described as The Brady Bunch with a supernatural twist. It centers on a mom (Ginifer King) and her daughters (Amber Montana, Breanna Yde) who move to New Orleans and discover that their new house is already occupied by a dad (Chico Benymon) and his sons (Curtis Harris, Lil’ P-Nut)… who happen to be ghosts.”

Bucket & Skinner creators Boyce Bugliari and Jamie McLaughlin will be the showrunners.

The Penguins tally keeps racking up as 234 fans sign in to help Team Skipper earn their trust ever since The Red Squirrel played an role into hypnotizing Buck Rockgut, causing them to lose their total trust against their best soldier. Let’s see if our flightless heroes’ past missions can make sure to trust themselves in the end once season 3 ends.


With Obama prepared to be sworn in for his second term, let’s follow our dreams like Martin Luther King told us as we celebrate MLK Day on Monday. See you soon for this week’s edition of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report!

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