Taken 2 kidnaps box office with 50 million dollar ransom while Hotel Transylvania keeps winning as they bring down Frankenweenie with a big monster bust; Paramount and Warner Bros. merge libraries while it prepares for its 90th anniversary

There’s been a hostage situation at the box office! I’m Realistic Fish Head. According to movie news resources, Fox has topped a 50 million dollar lead to lure audiences to see the latest sequel Gene Scallop with the details on this developing story!


Gene: Last week, Sony Pictures delivered a 1-2 punch with Hotel T, and Looper. To make things better, the monster hit took out another animated flick that made Disney shutter in fear! But first…


The box office was slammed with a box office hostage brewing! As its winning steak continues, Fox’s Taken 2, the sequel to the kidnapping hit 2 years ago, scored an exact 50 million smackers that sent moviegoers reeling to see what happened before they last saw the first one.


For as we all know, this was before the Colorado shootings which it not only stunned the movie world but to Warner Bros. too, and that hurt them real bad. And Taken 2 has performed well since the incident, which was great news according to a Fox executive in his own words:


It’s been great news for our film and great news for our industry as hopefully we can get back to some normalcy at the box office.


As Liam Neeson continues to crack the case, Fox has been deeply pleased as it attempts to ellipse Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 3.


With an impressive 1.5 million smackers when it debuted, moviegoers rushed in putting 145 million smackers nationwide and 227 million smackers around the world.


Frankenweenie, the newest hit from Disney and director Tim Burton, got into a sticky situation as it got to a slow start. Not exactly what Disney had in mind! Unfortunately, Hotel Transylvania scared the Burton film as it continued to hold on by 36% as it kept movie viewers in sync in time for Halloween. The film has underperformed since Burton’s last one, Alice in Wonderland wowed moviegoers! Returning to its stop motion roots dating back to his other stop motion film, The Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie traces back to the days of Dr. Frankenstein. Only this time, it’s the dog who’s the star! Although Hotel T easily beats Frankenweenie, kids can’t get enough of this tough pooch!



Universal’s Pitch Perfect continued to laugh as it expanded with 17 million smackers going into Columbus Day Monday.



So as it goes, Taken 2 investigates 1st, Hotel T still has fun in 2nd, Pitch Perfect educates in 3rd, Looper leaps in 4th and Frankenweenie hangs tough in 5th! Awww…


If you think that Franken-pooch is cute, let’s check the Penguin tally.


548 fans sign in as the news continues as some of your favorite Nick shows come back after a busy week of plans as they return with new episodes in just 2 weeks!


Big news for both Paramount and Warner Bros. as they team up to combine their collection together with expanding results! With the Shield planning for its 90th birthday following Paramount’s 90th back in 2002, Angie and Perch both find out what it means for both movie companies.


Angie Angelfish (via Dateline Hollywood) HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 4, 2012) – Paramount Home Media Distribution and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group today announced that they have reached a strategic alliance centering on more than 600 catalog titles from the Paramount film library. The deal grants Warner Bros. exclusive rights to physical Blu-ray and DVD distribution of those titles in the US and Canada, and will make Paramount’s UltraViolet offerings available on a non-exclusive basis through Flixster, the Warner Bros. movie streaming and discovery service.

The agreement also grants Warner Bros. manufacturing on demand rights and the right to include UltraViolet Digital Copy bundled with packaged media. Paramount will retain all digital rights for their titles, including electronic sell-through (EST), video-on-demand (VOD) and subscription video-on-demand. Flixster will offer, on a non-exclusive basis, Paramount titles for sale in UltraViolet EST format, UltraViolet Disc-to-Digital and VOD. Flixster will also act as an UltraViolet Locker Access Service Provider for all Paramount UltraViolet titles, and as a redemption site for Paramount UltraViolet Digital Copies.

The three-year deal, which takes effect January 1, 2013, covers U.S. and Canadian rights only and includes titles such as Terms of Endearment, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Airplane!. The agreement excludes approximately 100 cornerstone Paramount titles, including the Transformers, Star Trek and Indiana Jones franchises. Under the same terms, Warner will gain access to select new titles after the initial 26-week release period.

Paramount will receive licensing fees from Warner Bros. and be entitled to various benefits under a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Flixster.


Perch Perkins (via Dateline Hollywood)- In an early kickoff to next year’s 90th anniversary, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group today rolled out a new look for the 2013 celebration and multiple collections commemorating the studio’s history. The collections, some DVD and some Blu-ray, will come out over the yearlong celebration. The Best of Warner Bros. 100 Film DVD Collection will include all of the 22 Warner Bros’ Academy Award Best Picture winners from 1931’s Cimarron to 2006’s The Departed. The 55-disc collection will also come with two documentaries, Tales From The Warner Bros. Lot and The Warner Bros. Lot Tour. The former will feature interviews with present and past studio execs like Barry Meyer, Alan Horn, Bob Daly, and Terry Semel as well as stars such as Clint Eastwood, Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman and Martin Sheen.  The Best of Warner Bros. 50 Film Blu-ray Collection will bring to Blu-ray for the first time films like Grand Hotel, Mrs. Miniver, and Driving Miss Daisy as well as the two new documentaries. The collection will come on 52 discs. Both the 100 Film DVD Collection and the 50 Film Blu-ray Collection go on sale on January 29, 2013.

The studio also has a few other releases coming out throughout 2013 to celebrate its 90th. The genre specific Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film DVD Collections will be released starting in January with Best Pictures, Musicals in February, Romance in April, Comedy in July and Thrillers in September. There will be a 40-movie Clint Eastwood Collection out in the spring. The Best Of Warner Bros. Animation Collections will also be released throughout the year. There’ll be Hanna-Barbera in May, Looney Tunes in June and DC Comics in August. And in that superhero vein, The Best Of Warner Bros. Superman TV Collection will come out in May. The collection features nine Superman live action television and animated television shows.


This week, we take SpongeBob on tour as he teams up with Squid ward to rock out! Will the team up go bust? Find out if they get some unexpected help as we rock to Columbus Day Monday! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, are you ready to rock?

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