Ted tops the box office with 53 million beating Magic Mike to take 2nd; Season 3 finale of Penguins of Madagascar real close to ending soon; SpongeBob season 10 to start after SpongeBob Movie 2


Ted takes the magic out of the hat! I’m Realistic Fish Head. Universal does it again as it outperforms the box office with Magic Mike perfecting his magic. Joining Gizmo from the Gremlins’ movies and Roger Rabbit along with past partners, it’s another way how movies work out between a man and its trusty partner. Gene Scallop on how the bear’s cuteness outperformed the magical ways of Magic Mike.


Gene: It’s been outperformed once again in the box office as Seth McFarlane’s Ted is the winner this week. It’s a win for both Universal and the Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad creator as many people watched how the fuzzy bear does when in real life. And we thought this bear was cute and cuddly, but not that I suppose!


As The Amazing Spider Man and Ice Age 4 prepare for their entrance this week, Ted’s been doing very well racking up 53 million smackers, even better than the Marvel Heroes combined! The bear dropped 15% whereas Warner Bros. Magic Mike pulled out 45% suffering the biggest drop. Madea’s under witness protection as Lion gate says on the title as the sassy woman herself goes undercover. The movie dropped 7% much less than Ted. as the 3 movie estimates suddenly decrease. DreamWorks’ People Like Us increased 18% making it the sole winner estimate wise.


That puts this weekend’s numbers to an even stronger estimate than the last outperformance of Madagascar 3, Prometheus, and Brave with 205 million smackers, 5% ahead of 2011’s outperformance.


With the switchover complete, Ted softens 1st, Magic Mike performs next in 2nd, Brave shoots arrows at 3rd,  Madea snoops for trouble at 4th, and Madagascar 3 sets course for New York in 5th.


Speaking of Madagascar 3, 20 season 3 episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar are finished with 7 new episodes to go. This might be the finale fans might be waiting for if these 7 episodes conclude the Penguins last missions.


In the Penguins petition, 285 fans have signed up with plenty more coming this week, as it speculates it could determine if this is the end of Penguins’ mania for the show and for Nick itself.


Off the news from Fish Head and some of my colleges, season 10 of SpongeBob will take place after SpongeBob Movie 2 shedding more light as the Sponge continues to venture out to places unknown and some surprising as ever.


We’ll also keep you glued in on The Penguins of Madagascar movie as it continues filming. But on top of that, I’ll have more news on my entertainment report.


Monday’s Big Time Rush takes the boys to Bel-Air as the setup for their new home for themselves to live in, but somehow the neighbors are being too unfriendly! To see what happens next, tune in Monday night to see if the boys are better off at their own pad back home! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, show off your true rapping style!

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