Adventure Time hits stores while Aang’s successor arrives this weekend

Hi again TV and movie fans, Gene Scallop here with this weeks entertainment report Here’s what’s topping today!

What time is it? Adventure Time! Join Jake and Finn on DVD with the complete first season of Adventure Time with 26 episodes due out July 10th, so mark your calendars! And the moment has arrived for Korra at last! Following Avatar Aang’s footsteps, Korra must use her bending abilities to thwart evil whatever they throw at her. Join her journey this weekend!

Here’s the updated tally of the Penguins petition since Easter break:

We’re almost at the end of Season 2 and into Season 3 as the show makes up for lost time. With 742 signatures on the petition, it could possibly be a 4th season or can it? Watch the last episodes of season 2 and see how it’ll play out for our flightless secret agents. Be sure to keep track of upcoming episodes on the tube and online to witness it all, and what will it mean for the show itself because we’ve been keeping track too. Anyway, watch for some changes in the possible final season.

Be sure to join us for our Sunday news brief with Fish Head. We’ll see if The Hunger Games can stay on for another week in the box office. Until then, see you soon for another toon report on my entertainment report!

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