SpongeBob nabs blimp #7 which surprisingly unveils never before seen episodes


Blistering barnacles, SpongeBob wins again! I’m Realistic Fish Head at the KCA after party. Slime was poured on again last night from a celebrity sliming to the world’s first ever slime wrestling contest where The Miz went up against The Big Show. There were lots of upsets at the show too. Gene Scallop and Perch Perkins have the latest!


Perch Perkins (at the KCA sidedesk): Host Will Smith opened the 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards promising a record amount of slime, and, halfway through the show, he was delivering. Soon after the first rows of fans were covered in slime, so were Halle Berry and “Glee” star Chris Colfer.

“No one is safe from the slime!” screamed Smith. “You have to earn the slime! It’s an honor.”

Smith started the show with an elaborate, digitally-animated skydive from Nickelodeon’s trademark blimp. Smith was then hoisted from the rafters to the stage of the Galen Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where thousands of glow-stick waving fans cheered him on — including first lady Michelle Obama.

Obama later presented “the big help” award for charity work to Taylor Swift. Upon receiving the award, the pop star said, “I am freaking out.”

“This is, like, the coolest award show ever,” said “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart, accepting the award for favorite movie actress.

The KCAs are Nickelodeon’s annual celebration for kids, and it’s often the most watched children’s program of the year. More than 7.3 million watched last year’s awards. This year, Nickelodeon badly needs the KCAs to continue to be such a success. In March, the Disney Channel beat out Nickelodeon in average total daily viewers — a title Nickelodeon had held every month since 1995 and will likely continue.

The reason for this was with their ratings.

Of the top 10 most-watched cable networks in March, only one slipped more than Nick. And therein lies more bad news for Nick, because that network is its evening offshoot: Nick at Night fell 36 percent to 942,000 average daily viewers …

Parents have long complained that Nick airs too many reruns of popular staples like “SpongeBob SquarePants,” as the Disney Channel generates new original programming like “Jessie” and “Good Luck Charlie” to continue the success of hits like the recently departed “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Nick responded to the ratings woes in the fall by announcing plans to air up to 500 hours of new content in the near-term. …

The Disney Channel was started in the early 1980s, when Rom Miller was Chairman of Disney Co. It started life as a shoe-string operation, with all kinds of low-rent programming. It long ago moved up to the major leagues.

Nickelodeon has been riding high for a long time, but it’s never good to assume you can rest on your cushy status quo. While you’re resting, you get trampled by the competition.

Nick execs complained about upper management’s choices: refusing to green light Adventure Time, shutting down Robots and Monsters when it was humming along, betting heavily on CG shows when CG shows are more costly and get no better ratings with the junior set than their less expensive, hand-drawn brethren.

But ratings go down, ratings go up. A few years ago, Cartoon Network’s management was wondering what it could do to pull their cable network out of the dunk tank, and now CN is flying high. The ratings game is cyclical. Today’s winners become tomorrow’s winners. Unfortunately for Nick, tomorrow is here.

Winners are chosen from kid voting online. Selena Gomez won for both favorite TV actress and female singer. Adam Sandler took home the award for favorite movie actor. And Katy Perry, shortly after performing, was given the award for favorite voice for an animated movie for The Smurfs.


Gene: Way to go kids! You made all SpongeBob fans very proud! In a major upset, the Sponge used his karate skills to knock out Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness as the favorite to take the prize. Jake Short took out the super samurai Alex Hartman for favorite TV actor. And speaking of “victory is ours”, victory was theirs for Victorious for favorite TV show marking the 1st time that both ICarly and Victorious both win in the same category in separate years.


ICarly fans weren’t done yet as Jennette Mc Curdy was picked as best TV sidekick. In sports, Tim Tebow, now a New York Jet scores a touchdown for best male athlete, while racing star Danica Patrick won best female athlete.


Animation wins again as both Puss in Boots and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip Wrecked scored very important wins for kids restoring their reputation after a disappointing awards season for both movies thanks to the damage done by The Artist.


A big time win for Big Time Rush for favorite music group. Justin Biber, who got the slime treatment, wins best male singer and LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem took best song. And in the world of books and video games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid based the the first two movies and Just Dance 3 which shows that everybody can dance, were picked as favorites for kids and teens.


In the box office, The Hunger Games surpass the 250 smacker mark by scoring another week on top. Wrath of the Titans, the sequel of Clash of the Titans takes 2nd. Relativity’s Mirror, mirror places 3rd as both fail to catch up with other moviegoers. 21 Jump Street jumps down 4th and the Truffula loving Lorax rounds out in 5th.


The Flying Dutchman was looking for something surprising when he stumbled onto something big as he told me during his treasure hunt.


The Flying Dutchman (during a interview): I was looking at my map of some never before seen treasure that was buried by deep sea divers at Nick Animation Studios during their exploration. That’s where I stumbled onto it.

Gene Scallop: What was it?

Dutchman: It was a treasure unlike any other I’ve encountered. It was… the treasure of Neptune’s Trident also known as the Treasure of the Depressing Desire! I knew I found it first before they did. Legend says that these stories were never told or seen for hundreds of years.

Scallop: And now after years of unearthing this discovery, millions of viewers will be shocked of what they’ll discover.

Dutchman: Aye. It’ll take 2 weeks to tell these stories. It’ll scare them for sure!

Scallop: Wow! Wait until Fish Head sees this, he’ll flip out of this one!


That’s right folks, two weeks of new never before seen episodes of SpongeBob! What a discovery! That does it this week. I’ll see you soon for more on this on my entertainment report. Just a reminder, look out for new SpongeBob and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. See you soon TV and movie fans!

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