The KCA’s are approaching fast as it enters its final week and The Hunger Games outlast the Twilight movies


Hello there KCA fans, I’m Realistic Fish Head coming to you from KCA HQ! It’s the last week to vote for your favorites at the KCA supersite! It’s been getting hotter since the nominees were announced at the beginning of this month. And thanks to you kids, your favorites could be winners at the most important event in toon history!


Before we unveil this weekend’s KCA lineup, let’s check on the Penguins petition tally with Gene Scallop!


Gene: Hello again fans! Topping today is the Penguins of Madagascar petition. We were in the 800’s last time, now we’re in the 700’s as 791 are left to sign their names with 1,209 signatures altogether. By the looks of this number, there should be more of them this week as it progresses. Some predictions say that the petition will be approved, but the show says “no way” saying that Madagascar 3, the movie which features Alex and the zoosters along with the flightless spies, will find out whether they’ll return to Central Park Zoo. As for the show, they’ve still have  kept their word on the Penguins’ 3rd season and most importantly, their final mission. Let’s hope DreamWorks has it right!


The fans have spoken! The Hunger Games, which hooked up with 19.75 million smackers on its midnight screening, has increased up to 155 million smackers beating out box office expectations and predictions! The big win trumps the Twilight Saga as it tops the box office this week making it the 4th best opening weekend in Lion gate’s history, making it officially the 5th best non sequel. It also beat Warner Bros. first 2 Dark Knight prequels putting them at 2nd best, and thus making March the biggest opening in box office history.


This puts 21 Jump Street at 2nd, The Lorax in 3rd, John Carter in 4th, and Act of Valor in 5th. If Monday’s calculations are right, then we may be in for the best summer movie marathon this year, which could rebound from last summer. You’ll see why in my summer movie preview coming soon. but for now, let’s head back to Fish Head.


Breaking news! Alien jellyfish are planning an invasion as they are prepared to invade Bikini Bottom! As a swarm of them are headed towards downtown, they’re on the hunt as they target SpongeBob’s best friends! Our valiant hero must find a way to stop the alien menace before it turns into a nightmare! The swarm continues into Central Park Zoo as well as a space squid threatens to immobilize our heroes! Can Lemmy the robot lemur keep the the tentacle fiend at bay?


Don’t miss the action this Saturday morning with brand new episodes of SpongeBob, Penguins, and Power Rangers Super Samurai!


As we get you ready for the 2012 KCA’s, this is Realistic Fish Head saying, so long from KCA HQ!

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