Coming Attractions in September


The toon world and the reality world start the fall season on a cool start come next week. I’m Realistic Fish Head. This week marks the end of August and into September as the toon world prepares to unveil their season this fall. Here’s what to look for:


In the newest Penguins of Madagascar special: Blowhole Strikes Back, The Penguins arch nemesis Dr. Blowhole returns for some penguin payback! This mission comes after King Julien saved the earth from melting the polar ice caps. This time the diabolical dolphin sets his sights on our flightless spy heroes! The Penguins recruit a familiar Madagascar alumni to join the fight against Blowhole’s latest plan. Keep a close look out for new specials on Nick this September as well as a returning favorite to the block with 2 specials in tow.


Gene: The Help helps again as the flick continues to stay #1 with 14,3000 million smackers this week. Meanwhile, Sony’s Columbiana debuts at #2 followed by Don’t be Afraid of the Dark at 3rd. Rise of the Planet of the Apes drops 4th after being stuck thanks to Disney. With the tropics headed to its highest peak, how long can Disney keep “helping”? Find out next week!


Summer will be gone starting Monday as your favorite stars and TV shows entertain you this fall with brand new seasons just for you! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, Goodbye summer, and hello to fall!

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