More surprises revealed at Comic Con San Diego

I’m Perch Perkins at the Bikini Bottom Newsroom with some amazing discoveries at Comic Con at San Diego! Last week, we took you inside one of your favorite shows as well as your favorite superheroes. Now after all the Comic Con news that we’ve brought you, we can give it to you! Here’s the scoop:


For the first time ever, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex will team up this Thanksgiving as Ben, Gwen, and Kevin enter the Evo world to meet Rex and company along with Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. Plus, Avatar: The Last Air bender: The Legend of Korra have released a trailer for next year’s premiere as a continuation of the original animated and action-packed series. Also next year, TMNT will return after a close encounter with their 80’s selves in a shell-packed series that’s sure to amaze viewers who are fans of the show from year’s past.


We can’t also forget Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness coming our way next year too. And to end this surprise Aardman Animations, the movie company that brought Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Timmy Time, have teamed up with Sony to unveil 2 of their newest films: The Pirates: Band of Misfits coming next March and the 3D holiday film Arthur Christmas just in time for the holidays this November.


Cartoon Network has also brought out a sequel to Adventure Time only this time, Fiona and Cake are here to have their own adventures just like Jake and Finn, which is coming soon. But first, Problem Solverz joins the CN comedy block along with new episodes of Johnny Test, Adventure Time, MAD, Regular Show, and The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gene: We were expecting Cowboys vs Aliens to be in the top spot but alas, The Smurfs take the cake. With 13 million smackers, finds them in our neck of the woods after their archenemy Gargamel kicks them out of the Smurf village. As for Cowboys vs Aliens who take 2nd, the boys of the wild west face off against the evil space aliens in a fight to determine Earth’s fate. Captain America takes 3rd while HP7 takes 4th. It might’ve been a tough battle, but the Smurfs win this week. How long will they stay the course in the box office? Will Cowboys Vs. Aliens rally to take it away from the Smurfs? Look and find out!


Speaking of box office movies and best TV hits, the Emmy unveiled their nominees for the 63rd Primetime Emmys. Prep and Landing, Adventure Time, Regular Show and Robot Chicken are up for Best Animated Short Program, but all eyes are on SpongeBob. Will he once again outlast the competition like it did at this year’s Kids Choice? Find out September 18th!


See you next time for some more exiting news from the Bikini Bottom Newsroom. This is Perch Perkins reporting!

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