More Fairly odd secrets to be revealed this week

You want more fairly odd secrets? we’ve got them! I’m Realistic Fish Head. Years ago, we’ve brought you 77 Fairly odd secrets that came true. Now, they’re more secrets yet to be revealed. And this week, 5 new episodes of the Fairly Odd Parents will unveil all of them which will amaze you, shock you, and surprise you! And the most shocking secret of Fairly Odd Parents history could actually end the series on a disastrous note! To make sure that it doesn’t happen fairy fans, you need to tune in to find out what the important answer is to this really important secret!


Gene: Transformers 3 strikes again in the box office 97 million smackers! With the title as the most cash cow of the summer since the 4th, it has transformed from a possible pretender to a real contender. The key besides the noble hero Sam Witwicky who saved the Auto bots in the first and second Transformer movies, is the voice of Bikini Bottom’s greatest hero Sponge Bob. As the last movie of the Transformer saga ends, another legend ends in the world of entertainment. Prepare yourself Harry Potter fans, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2 also known as HP7, will hit theaters this week. How will the boy wizard do at its debut at the box office? Find out if he survives against the evil enemy, the one “who shall not be named”.


Look out sponge and fairy fans! This week could be dangerous, also life threatening! As SpongeBob and the Fairly Odd Parents enter the danger zone! This is Realistic Fish Head saying to our 2 Nicktoons, be careful out there!

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