A week of new missions for the Penguins

The Penguins get this weekday’s mission briefing! I’m Realistic Fish Head. With SpongeBob continuing a weekend’s worth of episodes, the Penguins of Madagascar get a weekdays worth of new missions. Here’s Gene Scallop on the latest E-news and box office report.


Gene: The Penguins have a important week of missions ahead. Be sure to look out to whether our flightless spies can bust King Julien out before things get a little fluffy namely some cute fluffy bunnies. As for the rest of the missions, they need to watch out! Because out of all the recent missions from Season 2, they’ve ended in a win-lose situation. Aside for this weeks episodes, there’s a spy themed movie for all of you Cars fans! That’s right, Lightning Mc Queen and his partner Mater are recruited as spies in the high-throttled sequel Cars 2! Le’s see what’s going on the box office regarding X-Men: First Class.

Well, Paramount’s scary picture Super 8 takes the top prize putting the X-Men prequel 2nd. Hangover 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 respectably drop 1 spot each in 3rd and 4th place as well as Pirates: On Stranger Tides and Bridesmaids in 5th and 6th place. With Captain America approaching fast, will it have the same power as Thor? We’ll wait and see.


As Gene reported in his entertainment report, the Penguins of Madagascar have very tough missions this week. Will these new missions help or hurt their chances of success? This is Realistic Fish Head saying tune in each weekday and find out!

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