Classic Nicktoons along with many others destined to make a big comeback on DVD

Paramount brings back some familiar Nicktoon classics. I’m Realistic Fish Head. Last week, Hey Arnold and Angry Beavers were the first two classics to be brought back on demand and exclusively on DVD. This week, The Wild Thorn berries, season 1 is now in retail stores. Off a big agreement with Shout Factory, the company that brings back shows from yesteryear, Paramount is releasing selected classic Nicktoons since Hey Arnold was released with all episodes of the Nicktoon series.


With the rest of the Wild Thorn berries episodes coming soon, Shout Factory has also brought back Season 1 of Beast Wars as a 4-disc box set, the same format as the original set of the series of all 26 episodes now with even better special features that couldn’t quite fit on the said original DVD box set. The perfect gift for any occasion!


Gene: Ahoy moviegoers! Your favorite pirate Jack Sparrow has returned in Pirates: On Stranger Tides. Fresh off his recent adventure, he leads a very important journey which could lead him to his destiny! And you thought Patchy the Pirate was the only one in the seven seas! With the movie as #1, that puts  Bridesmaids in 2nd, Thor in 3rd, Fast Five in 4th, and Rio still in 5th. Will the greatest pirate sail away another week on the top spot? Find out if he does!


Season finale week ends this week as Memorial Day approaches fast. And as for our toons prepare themselves for a long summer ahead as well as some new special surprises on DVD on your favorite shows, Will other old shows on DVD follow the same path? This is Realistic Fish Head saying, stay tuned in and see!

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