The Looney Tunes are back!

The Looney Tunes are officially back in action! I’m Realistic Fish Head. After years of live action along with the antics of Tiny Toons and the action packed show Loonatics Unleashed, The newly updated Looney Tunes show featuring Bugs Bunny and friends are back for more Looney antics than ever before!


With the show premiering this week, many viewers are thinking that the show may bring back memories of the past years since the Looney Tunes first debuted. Now, with the power of 3D and much more improved animation than ever, viewers will now know the Looney Tunes are here to stay.


Gene: Well moviegoers, looks like the mighty Thor has struck down Fast and Furious 5 as the top movie this week. From the studio that brought the Iron Man movies, Paramount has once again brought its superhero sprit. Their next action packed film Captain America and the Avengers could actually be better than the God of Thunder. Back to box office business now… Sony’s Jumping the Broom and Warner Bros. Something New have put poor Rio in 5th place. Despite that, this family favorite could entertain themselves with the flightless parrot once it appears on DVD real soon. As for Thor, will he be able to strike again or will a new movie next week prevent major damage?


Ever since the 90’s Cartoon Network had the Looney Tunes franchise all to themselves. Now after a long wait, the network has regained control but for how long? This is Realistic Fish Head saying, tune in to The Looney Tunes show to find out!

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