Toy Story 3 and DreamWorks Dragons compete for Best Animated Film at the 2011 Oscars


2 movies vie for the ultimate prize. I’m Realistic Fish Head. Fresh off the Golden Globe win for Best Feature Film, Toy Story 3 continues to dominate the animated scene. As for DreamWorks Dragons which was once again defeated by the Golden Globe winner, it still needs the same traits as the previous films. With the 2011 SAG Awards premiering tonight, This gives the film a chance to prove if it’s tough to beat. But will Toy Story 3 once again be Oscar worthy? Or will our current box office hits spoil both Oscar contenders? Speaking of box office hits, Gene has the scoop!


Gene: The Rite, a suspenseful film about exorcism, spooks up the top spot this week. Yesterday’s premiere at the theaters racked up more than 15 million. Following that was No Strings Attached in 2nd, and The Mechanic in 3rd after not being ranked last week. The Green Hornet slips two spots to 4th, The King’s Speech in 5th, and True Grit in 6th. The Rite was the big surprise this week after some scenes of the movie were caught off guard by other movie hits. Will this movie be able to scare audiences in theaters? Find out Monday movie fans!


Tonight’s the premiere of the 2011 SAG Awards! With January coming to a close, there’ll be new surprises coming in February! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, get ready to fall in love next month!

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