The Best of 2010: How Planet Sheen and TUFF Puppy fit well now and in the future

Planet Sheen and TUFF Puppy take the toon world by storm! I’m Realistic Fish Head. We close down 2010 this week with 2 recent surprises that made toon history: TUFF Puppy and Planet Sheen. How did it happen? Dating back to Gene Scallop’s recent ratings report, these 2 new Nicktoons performed well for all kids and teens. Planet Sheen, the sequel to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, embarks him to an alien planet that takes everyone by surprise…literally! But Sheen is very desperate to leave planet Zeenu because he misses his friends on Earth, even Jimmy. But he’ll have to get used to Zeenu’s customs as he always does back in Retro Ville. As for TUFF Puppy, Dudley Puppy works for TUFF, a secret crime fighting force from defending the world against the evil organization, DOOM. With his partner Katie, they’ll keep the world safe for all animal kind!


How will these two heroes do in the future, and will they make their destiny together? We’ll have to wait until 2011 to find out!


Gene: Disney has done it again! With Tron Legacy the top movie in the box office, we end 2010 in the box office on a great note. This sequel to the 80’s version is much more improved. Beating out this year’s movies, more graphics, more action, and a familiar actor with a new look up the ante’s chances of staying in the top spot but will another new movie be in the spotlight in 2011? Stay tuned!


It’s been a year here at Bikini Bottom News. We’ve brought you breaking news, the latest coverage, and of course, plenty of commentary. Until next time, this is Realistic Fish Head saying, see you in 2011!

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