Operation Decoration: The mission begins

The Penguins prepare for their biggest holiday mission ever! I’m Realistic Fish Head with Gene Scallop. Tonight’s the first ever Penguins of Madagascar special Operation Decoration aka The All Nighter Before Christmas. Since the Christmas Caper, our 4 flightless secret stealth agents have trained themselves for their biggest goal. Now after a ton of episodes, they’re ready to save Santa which is their mission before it’s lights out for Central Park.


Before we send them out on their holiday mission, Gene’s got an update on this week’s box office report.


Gene: Last Monday’s box office ratings didn’t keep Harry Potter in the top spot. This time, Disney’s Tangled, the alternate title that used to be called Rapunzel, edged out the boy wizard to claim the #1 spot. This fairy tale takes a comedic turn for the better for movie goers last week. See if Tangled can keep them laughing this week. And also this week, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole swoops on to DVD this Friday so be on the lookout for it at your retailer.


The fate of the holidays in Central Park hangs in the balance as the Penguins  must save it and rescue Santa before everything takes a bad turn. Be sure to see it tonight! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, good luck Penguins!

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