The Krabby Patty Caper scores high marks to please TV viewers

Hi TV and movie fans, movie critic Gene Scallop here on another installment of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report. We’ve got an update on last week’s box office report. But first, we get the most important ratings report for last week’s Krabby Patty caper:


All week, we’ve been bringing you live coverage of the caper. But how did it go with our viewers? With 6.1 million viewers watching the half hour long special with a combo of 3.4 million viewers, 2.3 million viewers, and 1.8 million viewers, it was the top half hour special for basic cable and broadcast this week. Even grown-ups liked the special too. Kudos to Patrick and SpongeBob for getting to the bottom of this mystery! Meanwhile, Planet Sheen, the sequel to Jimmy Neutron, also scored big time with another of their new installments of episodes. To summarize, both the Sponge and the Sheen dominate the week on the small screen.


Turning to the box office, Mega mind, a story about a villain destined to be good, has been #1 in the past 2 weeks. As for Paranormal Activity 2, which was knocked down by Saw 3D which ranked 8th ranks 9th on the list which puts the Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps into a big gaping hole. For now, how long will Mega mind last? Find out Monday!


We hope that this report pleases you and you viewers in Bikini Bottom. Don’t forget, we’re headed to the Big Apple for this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the meantime, get comfy with our specials along with our traditional specials. Plus, get ready for college football and week 12 in the NFL!


So as I leave the Bikini Bottom Newsroom, we’re glad you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of Gene Scallop’s entertainment report. Until next time in showbiz, this is Gene Scallop. Happy Thanksgiving!

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