The witching hour is here!

Ooh, spooky! I’m Gene Scallop subbing for Fish Head. He’s currently getting ready for tonight’s Halloween hosting festivities. While I give you the scoop on the movie buzz, I’ve got some surprises for you TV toon fans! Like Fish Head said last time, the spooky holiday is here at last. And most of you are braving the scary elements. Good for you! Now dating back to last month, we gave you a sneak preview of the latest Shrek special: “Scared Shrek less” in which the ogre himself challenges his friends to tell spooky scary stories in Lord Far quad’s castle. Also, look for the Monsters vs. Aliens team in their Halloween special.


For you Harry Potter fans out there, the triumphant wizard is on his last leg on his journey. Remember the last Harry Potter book that came out 2 years ago? Well, the last Potter movie based on J.K. Rowling’s last book will finally decide what happens to Harry. It’s a good idea that it’s not going 3D anytime soon. And like the Guardians of Ga’hoole to keep and eye out, we’ll see if those owls make their final appearance in the movie.


Turning to the latest box office report, Paranormal Activity 2, the sequel to Paranormal Activity, takes #1 on the list as it continues to scare audiences as strange things continue to scare a normal family with help from some security cameras to prove if ghosts really exist. How much more cash can this sequel conjure up? Find out if the box office numbers improve on Monday.


Well, that does it for October folks. As the breeze officially continues to blow by, we’ll be looking forward to a return of an old duo as Drake and Josh returns after a very long hiatus since the last special aired. We’ll also solve the case of a missing prized possession. Plus, we’ll bring you new episodes of your favorite Nicktoons as Super stuffed Nicks giving Weekend cooks up on yet another parade of action, comedy, intrigue, and suspense! And, we head to China as Po decides if his position as Dragon Warrior is more important than his family and friends. And we can’t forget this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade! Will the Sponge make another appearance this year? And as a special bonus, will keep an eye on some new balloons making their anticipated debut and the arrival of Holiday Season 2010! With Fish Head back in the newsroom, this is Gene Scallop saying, I’ll see you in showbiz next time!

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