The Penguins give SpongeBob a chance as they both lead off the ratings list with Regular Show’s series premiere on the upside

Reputation restored! I’m Realistic Fish Head. After last week’s report which prompted the Penguins of Madagascar their victory, they make up ground for our hero who was pulled out of the top spot for weeks. Let’s see if that makes up for the disappointing news with Gene Scallop’s help!


Gene: It does make up for that disaster Fish Head. In week 2 of the September ratings report, the newest episode reeled in 4.534 million viewers combined with 2.646 kids and teen viewers putting the Sponge back up in 18th. Meanwhile, the Penguins’ new episode according to our calculations, scored 3.9 million viewers combined with 2.189 kids and teen viewers. And to top off this much improved number, the Penguins have more missions in October since TUFF Puppy and Planet Sheen premiere next Saturday. As for Regular Show, its official season premiere scored 2.097 million viewers.


And for all you movie buffs, we got the numbers from Wall Street that is. The last time Fish Head told us that Legend of the Guardians would make its premiere on Friday and it did, but the Wall Street sequel Money Never Sleeps takes the top spot in the box office with the Guardians a distant third. When the actual numbers come out Monday, will Money Never Sleeps remain bullish or will the Guardians overthrow Wall Street?


The Penguins help SpongeBob make up for taking the top spot. And Wall Street loves Gordon Gekko but will the sequel make more money to remain tops in the box office? This is Realistic Fish Head saying, see you at the movies!

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