Ratings update-SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb take the lead in last August report

Phineas and Ferb help our hero top the charts! I’m Realistic Fish Head. As our nation celebrated the 9th anniversary of 9/11 on Saturday, things got even crazy in the toon world. Now as of last week, SpongeBob’s leading the way. But alas, he’s not alone. Gene Scallop is here with me with last week’s final August ratings report.


Gene, since the Phineas and Ferb special aired on both Disney Channel and Disney XD, it was last seen on the top 25 on your last report 2 weeks ago. Did it made some progress?


Gene: Progress is up for both Phineas and Ferb Fish Head. With the Sponge still leading, it’s looks to be a broken record. 2 episodes have placed on 20th and 21st, according to this update with 3.6 million viewers watching. Meanwhile behind SpongeBob who placed 5 spots including a tie-up, Phineas and Ferb ’s 2 episodes puts them in second and third on the list. As for the Penguins, they’re 9th on the list with 1.9 million viewers. Look for new missions all September as they continue to keep up with the Sponge.


We’ve got breaking news Gene! With October slowly approaching, Our great ogre hero Shrek challenges his friends to tell spooky scary stories that’ll scare them for sure! And as the holidays come right around the corner, a dragon warrior has to decide what’s important, his family or his job?


Gene: Fresh off his greatest victory against Rumplestiltskin and his evil witch fleet, Shrek makes a dare to his friends to tell their greatest scary stories ever. Boy, this special will make viewers very exited when this special premieres in late October, just 3 days before Halloween. And right before this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade, we head to China as Po, the Dragon Warrior has to make his most important decision. Will his task as Dragon Warrior overlap with the holiday feast at the Winter festival? Find out November 24th.


Two of the summer’s best dynamic duo take SpongeBob to the top. And things will be spooky and cheerful as Shrek and Po bring Halloween and Christmas to celebrate together with their friends and family. This is Realistic Fish Head telling you to look for new surprises this month as September rolls on!

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