SpongeBob rules the top 25 plus Dora’s 10th anniversary brings good ratings numbers for viewers and preschoolers

SpongeBob once again outlasts other animated shows and a very happy birthday to everyone’s favorite heroine! I’m Realistic Fish Head. As summer draws to a close this week as does our coverage of Nick’s Summer schedule, we took a look back at the news archives to see what impacted during the last few months. On our exclusive first look at The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel, we’ve realized that not only to find the one that was pure of heart but the one who will lead us to a better future, and King Julien was the one.


We’ve also said so long to Chowder after 3 successful seasons. With his new apprentice Scraps, the citizens of Marzipan City can finally look forward to a nice brighter future.


But this summer belonged to SpongeBob’s Revenge of Triton. Our hero might have made his biggest mistake of his life, but he brought him back to King Neptune as his best birthday present.


And speaking of birthdays, last Sunday night was Dora the Explorer’s 10th birthday. Following in SpongeBob’s footsteps, the brave explorer has traveled to many exotic places. From the time she met her cousin Diego to the discovery of the Explorer Stars. How did she do in the best ratings list? Gene Scallop has more!


Gene: For the week, the Sponge took the first 7 spots on the list. That’s less than the time he took the top 10 spots. The newest episode “You Don’t Know Sponge” was the highest rated episode ever in its history with 4.384 million viewers putting it in lucky #13. The 3 repeats aired in the past week have improved too ranking them from 15 to 25. The reason being… A new episode of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. which aired on Monday night may’ve made room for SpongeBob’s best friends marathon that we’ve highlighted from our last report which led to Cartoon Network’s other show ratings to drop. As for Dora’s 10th Anniversary special in primetime, scored a highly anticipated 3.3 million viewers making it the highest rated primetime special in almost a couple of years. And just like we went behind the Sponge a few months back, we took a first look at Dora before the special aired last Sunday night. The adventure continues for Flapjack again this week as he catches up on his latest episodes and possibly, he might be sitting next to Chowder once this show officially ends very soon.


As we close down on Summer TV season 2010 as well as Nick’s Summer Block, Chowder finds a new apprentice to succeed Mung Dahl, and both SpongeBob and Dora have really brought their highest rated specials to please the viewers. On our next broadcast, we’ll highlight the newest shows for September as I join Gene Scallop on what to expect as summer turns to fall. This is Realistic Fish Head saying, so long summer!

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