Chowder finally ends as Summer TV 2010 reaches its climax

After 2 seasons, the chef we all know and love will be an adult. I’m Realistic Fish Head. As we go into August, our folks are preparing of what will be the best summer ever as Nick’s Summer Coverage really heats up. But before we unveil the schedule for this month, lets go back to last week’s headlines!


Last time we reported, our on-the-spot reporter Perch Perkins interviewed Skipper on the trek of the golden squirrel’s treasure.


Perch Perkins: When word got out of a mysterious golden key that was unearthed from the time capsule, did it really mean big trouble for your troops?

Skipper: When those rats found the key, they knew it had to open something.

Perkins: As you and your friends approached the temple, were those traps that were set proved to be serious?

Skipper: Affirmative. Those traps were dangerous for our friends and my men. We also knew that those traps were set because any fool would’ve easily gotten the treasure first.


And if it weren’t for King Julien, it could’ve gotten worse for our heroes.


Skipper: While we were fighting, Ringtail looked inside of his world and found out that the greatest treasure of all is friendship.

Perkins: That’s why Julien was pure of heart when he buried the treasure along with the rats. Boy, that taught you and your friends a lesson didn’t it?

Skipper: It sure did Perch. When there was another treasure lurking, they all took Ringtail’s advice and left. I guess they had enough treasure hunting for one day.


From the ratings report to the schedule report, here’s Gene Scallop on Chowder’s last episode as he turns from apprentice to chef.



Gene: As we arrive into August, let’s all wish SpongeBob the best of luck as he tries desperately to move back in the top 25. Now, we got a surprise for you Chowder fans out there. This Saturday, Cartoon Network revisits Chowder’s latest achievements from The Froggy Apple Crumble Thump kin to Chowder being possessed by a Poultrygeist in a marathon so great, it might be your last meal. And speaking of last licks, the final dish is served as we finally find out how “Chowder Grows Up”. And coming in September, look for new surprises as Fall TV season 2010 cools us down once again as your favorite reality shows return after a long summer hiatus.


If you missed the new ICarly special “I Got a Hot Room”, see it again tonight! This is Realistic Fish Head saying, good luck on your future Chowder!

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