SpongeBob’s Clash of Triton triumphs so does their ratings

SpongeBob succeeds in both on the Web and on TV! I’m Realistic Fish Head for Bikini Bottom News. Last week, our hero was up against King Neptune’s son King Triton as he continued his path of destruction in downtown Bikini Bottom. Luckily due to Triton’s devastation, SpongeBob and Patrick were chased by the entire town. Despite these incidents, the residents were deeply forgiven by our hero. As for Neptune’s 500th birthday, Neptune was reunited with his son because he was finally able to use his godly powers after being imprisoned over thousands of years ago.


Now with Neptune’s birthday a success, let’s turn to our movie and TV ratings critic Gene Scallop.


Gene: Before we start last week’s ratings report, we want to apologize to SpongeBob for causing the destruction in Bikini Bottom. We should’ve realized that it was Triton that caused the big wreck downtown. And for that, we like to say, we’re sorry SpongeBob. Now to start off, SpongeBob’s Clash of Triton scored a total of 5.2 million viewers overall. And on the Web, the game based on the special was played over 1.2 million times. As for the ratings overall, SpongeBob took the first six spots putting him at the 14th spot with 3.881 viewers.  It’s Primetime Emmy season again. Last year at the KCA’s you may remember, SpongeBob was victorious. This year, he’s taking a break just in case something comes up. 2 animated shows are battling it out  for favorite animated TV show. Something by be stirring if they both lose this year. But how will the Emmy voters decide? Find out this August!


As our summer coverage continues, we have a big reminder for you. Tune in August 29th for the 62nd Primetime Emmys! Which TV shows will win the big prize this year? This is Realistic Fish Head saying, tune in and find out!

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