SpongeBob’s weekly ratings goes through the roof!

Flash! Bikini Bottom’s greatest hero is still the ratings king! I’m Realistic Fish Head with the weekly TV rating news. On the heels on the newest SpongeBob special The Clash of Triton, SpongeBob’s ratings have improved since the last TV special, SpongeBob’s Last Stand. But what of the other TV show competitors? For this, we go to movie and TV critic Gene Scallop.


Gene: Things were really abuzz in the toon world last week. The sponge was the big winner outlasting other competitors by a much improved 3.9 million TV viewers. Although, last week’s new episode was barely enough to make it in the top 25. The #2 TV show The Penguins Of Madagascar scored a whopping 6.9 million viewers overall including the 869 million teen viewers. That of course followed after that with the new Spongebob episode. Sounds like the Penguins may be able to dethrone SpongeBob unless they can fill in the blanks with some of the new episodes that haven’t aired yet.


Meanwhile, our sister network, Nicktoons Network has scored another win as the most watched 24-hour network for boys, girls, and teens.


And as for Cartoon Network, their ratings are going downhill. The reason, their brand new shows but it lacks more viewers. Fresh off with some of their newest shows of the summer, it make take a long time for them to improve in the broadcast and cable ratings.


Overall, another win for our boys here. With the Summer TV schedule still cooking, viewers can look for more surprising shockers as we begin another week in broadcast and cable.


Thanks for the insight on the latest ratings Gene. With the Penguins of Madagascar a solid 2nd, it’s going to take time for them to catch up with our leader from Bikini Bottom. To recap, SpongeBob is still tops in both cable and broadcast ratings. But will the Penguins storm back and take the top spot? This is Realistic Fish Head as our sizzling Summer season continues!

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