Bikini Bottom newsflash- Jellyfish fields is saved!

Flash! After a successful protest by SpongeBob and Patrick, the Bikini Bottom citizens join in!


I’m Realistic Fish Head with this breaking news story. As millions of people played online to help our hero, they also watched the Earth Day special as a message of helping our world to keeping it clean. And as the helping continues nationwide, the people of Bikini Bottom can celebrate after Plankton’s attempt of turning Jellyfish Fields into the Shelly Superhighway.


With Jellyfish Fields back to normal, this natural attraction is now a national park. A clean and peaceful park for all Bikini Bottom citizens for a peaceful and clean future.


This is a new high for Bikini Bottom and more importantly all national parks and attractions statewide. Looks like the toon world will do the same mission as Earth Day celebrates 40 years of helping the environment. This is Realistic Fish Head for Bikini Bottom News!

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