The Penguins achieve at the Annie’s plus the Games begin tomorrow

The Oscars are getting close so let’s see what happened at the 37th Annie’s:


Disney/Pixar’s “Up” took the Annie for Best Animated Feature, while Futurama’s “Into the Wind Green Yonder” took the Annie for best home entertainment. Disney’s newest holiday special Disney’s Prep and Landing earns the Annie for best TV production.


The toon world was Annie worthy too, as the Penguins of Madagascar was the kids’ pick for best animated TV show as well as best directing. The Fairly Odd Parents 3-part special “Wishology” took the Annie for best music for a TV show, namely a TV special. SpongeBob’s “Truth or Square” takes the Annie for best voice acting. No wonder everyone loves the sponge! Anyway to top it off, The Simpsons’ Tree house of Horror 20 scares up an Annie for best writing for TV and as for movies Fantastic Mr. Fox earns an Annie for best writing in a movie.


And on Friday, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver get underway. The US did very well in the Bejing Games, how will they fare in Vancouver this year? Tune in sports fans to find out!

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