It’s King Julien Day for real!

This Columbus Day, the TV world prepares for tons of Columbus Day marathons with their best shows. But in the toon world, there’s only one marathon that’s better than any other marathon! Yes, it’s a penguins marathon featuring the famous ruler of the zoo King Julien as Nick highlights the best of the king so far as of this Monday night as we head off to the zoo as King Julien rules the zoo with his big moment he’s been waiting for, Operation: Wild King!


That’s 3 hours of Julien’s best and worst times in this series. But in a new episode we ask these surprising questions, what happens when Julien loses his groove, and what can the penguins do to restore it? Viewers take a look as they find out these answers to these dancing questions and more.


If you thought the episode “King Julien Day” was better, then this marathon will keep you in the dancing mood for sure!

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