Fall TV preparations part 2

Well, today’s the last day of Summer 2009. Last time, we previewed 2 new cartoons: Horror bots and Regular Show, along with more episodes of Flapjack to keep it afloat for season 2. As for CN Real, we analyzed that Destroy Build Destroy has made a significant impact for viewers. And to make it better, more destruction, devastation, and mayhem has resulted for season 2 of this new destructive show. As for the others, they’ll have to keep working hard in order to keep up so they can get their shows renewed for another season.


When I discovered an article just yesterday that Cartoon Network’s toon world was destroyed, (because of many animators were kicked out or quitting) I didn’t like it at all. Since I knew that would deny that rumor, the network’s toon world is still alive.


And speaking of keeping it alive, season 2 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premieres on Friday October 2nd with 22 new episodes of action packed excitement!


So get ready for more new faces and arrivals, more seasons with more episodes, more surprises and discoveries, and lots of glitz and glamour as awards season gets underway this fall!

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