Summer 2009 is officially here and cooking!

That’s right, Summer 2009 is here! With the toon world off to a good start, most TV fans (including me) are getting into the summer spirit. Let’s get down to business of what’s happened so far this month:


We’ve seen The Festival of Chowder containing 4 episodes of Chowder, we entered the Deep Sea Danger Zone with 5 exiting SpongeBob episodes, and we saw the Bessie and friends taking on the Dragonfly troop the roughest, toughest, and meanest group of them all putting Bessie and her pals for the fight of their lives!


This week, it’s the Penguins turn as they fight to get revenge after being bossed around by King Julien. That’s why this week, it’s Revenge of the Birds (a Penguins marathon paying homage to the 1985 movie Revenge of the Nerds) with 2 brand new episodes.



And coming in July, Sponge Bob (the hero who changed the world) is celebrating 10 years of his greatest adventures ever by bringing out all 7 seasons of Sponge Bob Square Pants. And for the first time ever in toon history, 10 Sponge Bob episodes will be revealed worldwide. So as the world prepares for the sponge’s birthday bash, we’re still bringing you the best toon specials and marathons all part of Summer 2009, because we’re bringing it home to you all summer long!

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