Summer Movie Season ‘09

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, it’s the unofficial start of the summer movie season, so let’s get to it.


First off, when we last left our hero Timmy Turner, he along with Turbo Thunder began their search to find the last trilogy wand that was hidden inside the Earth. Meanwhile on Dimmsdale, the Eliminator now a Decimator was planning to destroy the city along with the Earth. When Timmy, Turbo Thunder, and the fairies arrived, the fairies used the wands to destroy the Decimator’s world. Then they searched for the Ice Wand. When Timmy stumbled into a piece of ice, it turned out to be the Ice Wand the last piece of the chosen one prophesy. That led the fairies to search the entire solar system full of Ice Wands under every planet’s surface. When Timmy combined the White Wand, the wand of Vegon, and the Ice wands along with Poof’s happiness, they use their resources to turn the Darkness into the one thing we all have, happiness. It was then that Timmy had saved the universe and of course the world.


Thanks to his heroics, Nick is airing every Fairly Odd Parents movie: Abra-Catastrophe!, Channel Chasers, School’s Out! The Musical, Jimmy-Timmy Power Hours 1, 2, and 3, Fairy Idol, Fairly Odd Baby, and the entire Wishology trilogy.


What a great way to start Summer Movie season 2009! 

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