Wishology Part 3- The Final Ending

After meeting Prince Mark from Yugopotamia, They both set their sights to find the second wand located in the Vegon system on a blue moon. Meanwhile, the Eliminators use their Yugopotamian fake-i-fiers to fool them into thinking that their friends and family are real. Luckily, they arrived just in time along with Timmy’s friends and family. Now with the second Trilogy wand in the hands of Timmy there’s only one person that The Darkness wants: our pink hat hero!


Confident and secure, Timmy feels great after defeating The Darkness as his world turns into a paradise for him; however, he soon discovers that it is all an illusion and that he didn’t win, but is now living inside The Darkness. Now his family, his friends, and even his enemies on the outside must rescue him and help him find the third and final wand in order to defeat The Darkness once and for all. Will our hero find the last Trilogy wand and unlock the true power to save the universe with the power of magic? Find out as the Wishology trilogy concludes!

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