Flapjack Season 1 marathon

Good news Flapjack fans, this Sunday they’ll see all 13 episodes of Flapjack. I know I saw all of the episodes of the show since it premiered 2 weeks before Chowder premiered. Why? Because Cartoon Network was under fire again because of one reason: There was a rapid decline in programs went from great shows like "Looney Tunes" and "Dexter’s Laboratory" and replaced with "Low-Brow" shows such as "Chowder" and "Flapjack" and people are more worried that their children will grow up without having watched some of the greater programs and their views will be altered. Believe me, I wasn’t one of them.


Because of the controversy surrounding Cartoon Network, they didn’t want to repeat of what they did all of those years back. But nevertheless, the Flapjack marathon will refresh viewers of what the show’s done so far.


Now the only question is will there be a season 2 or will it go down with the ship leaving Chowder as the only survivor? One thing’s for sure, Flapjack viewers will know why the show will entertain them just as long as the show’s run continues.

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