3rd half of the HBO and Cinemax images completed

Yesterday, I completed Part 3 of my HBO art collection. How did I complete this task? By using past promos of HBO just a few years ago, I was enjoying it ever since we first had HBO in our home at Hidden Village in Odenton back in 1985, Heather Mist in Severn in 1993, Apple Jack in Pasadena in 2003, and right here in Hanover back in Summer 2008. The reason I dedicated both projects to HBO and Cinemax is because I hear the music a lot of times, I see the promos lots of times, and I see the end cards lots of times. And as of last night, both collections are done.


Now that I saved some room for some leftover images, I’ll have plenty of empty spots to fill until I can finally enjoy my dream as a Desktop publisher.

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