Well… this is the end…for Toonami.

On Saturday September 20th, Cartoon Network aired Toonami’s last final broadcast. Now, I’ve experienced the block’s entire history on TV and on the Web. Even from their Total Immersion Events to Tom’s 4 forms. And even their cartoons too which I’ve been seeing them since Toonami existed.


With Toonami gone, Cartoon Network did the right thing of ending 11 years of action because of the new faces coming to the small screen (ex. Secret Saturdays, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: the TV series).


To date, Cartoon Network had no choice but to follow their gut and end some of the greatest cartoons of our time like for example Camp Lazlo and now Toonami.


Well Tom back in 2002, you said the sun could rise without Toonami and you were right. Back then, the manual was manipulated to avoid Toonami’s sudden demise. Now it has ended in a good note. It may be gone, but it’ll not be forgotten. And I for one will remember the memories for me to enjoy, but I’ll stay gold for now.


Well Tom, since you flew into the sunset, there’s one word you said to everyone in the entire world as Toonami ended a week ago and I’d love to say it….. Bang.

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