My reaction to my favorite Flapjack episode “Pan fake”

I’ve been enjoying "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" since joining Chowder. Their greatest adventures made me laugh so hard, they want me to join them along. Out of all the episodes I’ve seen, Pan fake is my favorite. I loved it when Peppermint Larry made a puppet show for all of the Storm-along citizens only to see that Flapjack look-a-like puppet which he calls it Pancake.


The citizens loved the show except Flapjack saying replacing someone with a puppet isn’t that easy. Next, Larry tried again but this time using puppet versions of Captain K’nuckles and Bubbie. And once again the citizens loved it but Flapjack wasn’t happy. Once Larry realized that real people couldn’t be replaced, the Candy Barrel was reopened and everyone enjoyed the sweet candy they wanted.


As a candy person, I enjoy the succulent favors such as lollipops because you know, they taste good and sweet!

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