Chalk up another Strike rider

Despite the storm coming we managed to beat it… by going shopping! Not only we were looking for a little furniture and more clothing, we were grocery shopping! On the way I stumbled on to another Strike Rider, this time it was black. Just another addition to my Beast Master Megazord. It would be a matter of time until I found it.


With that cycle in my hands, I may find the Elephant, Jaguar, and Shark Striker cycles one at a time for future toy searching so I can interchange arms to make Strike Rider combinations for the Beast Master Megazord.


And speaking of Megazords, the screen shot stats for the Jungle Master Megazord came out when we came home. When I took a close look I knew that the images looked familiar on the TV show. That’s why I’m getting this either via shopping on the Web or shopping retail style!

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