HBO Summer art project underway

The fun has just begun. Yesterday, I’ve just finished my HBO retro movie / end card project with Jelly Cabin, Panini and Chowder along with a few familiar faces to catch up the big boys. The last time I continued my retro art project was when HBO turned 35. I was surprised that really happened. During the big birthday, I was watching videos of HBO in the past and I thought to myself: What if I managed to keep up with its entire history and wait for the next birthday bash? So I did.



Weeks of a lot of research on it was going to be tough, but I went through it carefully by searching images, videos, even the Web to find out what HBO did in the past and what are they’re doing now. I was on a roll when I recently looked at a closing logo encyclopedia Friday when I discovered a ton of info with lots of videos (recent You tube videos) at my disposal.


So starting Monday, I’ll come up with some print ads as part of my summer project. And on next week since I’m done with my retro HBO end cards, I’ll start with my own HBOnly templates that I made weeks ago with the names I wrote on a Word Pad template so I can use them as my next task. And I’ll be finally done with my retro project before you know it!

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